Hands on with the DOOGEE DG800 Valencia. This affordable Android smartphone is on sale to European customers as we speak and can be b…

25 Responses to “World’s Cheapest Android 4 4 Kitkat Phone – DOOGEE DG800 Valencia”

  • Túlio Matias says:

    share some photos! i wanna buy this but first i want to see some of the
    photos taken with it.

  • Yuli Che. says:

    $120 4-core 1GiB RAM
    Android 4.4 rear touch panel

  • Jorge Utria says:

    Is a good Smartphone and low cost

  • Spencerwalker21 says:

    Seems like a waste for the rear touch panel I rather get better specs or
    make it cheaper 

  • mat33n1 says:

    i got mine for $107 USD with free postage! received it the other day and I
    must say it is pretty awesome! it also has air gestures which is pretty
    cool (they dont work the best but for the price you can not complain at

    Both cameras are so awesome i mean the front camera is 8mp even the
    flagships dont come with more then 2mp. back camera is really good 2!

    it is pretty fast as well and GPS works well.

    the charger looks so awesome as well! over all i rate this phone a 8/10!

  • izri1 says:

    This is an ugly phone. Has the shape of an iphone. The Doogee DAGGER DG550
    is a nicer phone.

  • Tharusha Fernando says:

    #gizchina hey how much time does the battery will endure?? 

  • George Syros says:

    Hi, I have a question for you. I have a gsm SIM card and I know that this
    phone supports gsm SIM cards, but I don’t know if I have to cut the SIM
    card. I have a normal size SIM card. Do I have to cut it to micro or nano?
    Please tell me soon because I bought this phone and I don’t know what to
    do. Thanks

  • Michael Jaffe says:

    One other important point. This model supports Bluetooth 4.0 !

  • João Carlos says:

    Can I buy another battery for this phone in a regular smartphone store?

    If so my problem would be solved. xD

  • Λουκος Σταυρουλάκης says:

    Is it worth paying a 100 euroes for this phone???
    Does it lag?Any other problems?

  • Jay Bowers says:

    its the doogie howser WOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! buy this phone if you want to be
    made fun of by all your friends!

  • Uģis Osītis says:

    the reason you couldn’t go to HDR photos from camera was probably just a
    wrong date problem.

  • Ozan Kama says:

    Ulan bi buna bakın bi de taa ya . Ben taa izlemeye gidiyorum. 

  • Német Richárd says:

    Az aksia 3 hónapot bír ,fel puposodik! De mèg megy! Rendeltem egy pót

  • Denny Cormax says:

    takovej hnusák ten borec v tom odrazu

  • Mark Joseph says:

    the phone internal memory is only 2.75g

  • Black Green says:

    before you buy the doogee you must make sure you get support for it. try it
    before you buy it.I have 310 doogee brand new a few of its futures does not
    work and there is no help.

  • life is good says:

    ıt mıght be a word to buy ıt ç but what ı can say that s5 ıf you look for
    more :D 

  • callum heywood says:

    Just bought this badboy

  • Jessen's Channel says:


  • Satwinder Singh says:

    For this cheap phone with excellent specs, we hardly care about support or
    upgrades, but if performance is good, we got our money and time well.
    Looking fwd for more releases of higher specs as well.

  • Yuli Che. says:

    $120 4-core 1GiB RAM
    Android 4.4 rear touch panel

  • GOOD ANDROID says:

    $120 4-core 1GiB RAM
    Android 4.4 rear touch panel

  • xbored editsx says:

    i bought it not a long ago and love it , the camera is great , the battery
    life is not really good but still is very nice design , worth the money 

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