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25 Responses to “Windows Phone vs. iOS vs. Android”

  • RetroGamer72 says:

    Windows phones look nice, but I would never get a Windows phone. Android is
    a lot faster and has more features…

  • Keith Moon says:

    I have an Android, but I’m quickly going off it.
    When I see all the info the apps want from me it disgusts me.

  • nintendogg24 says:

    If anyone wants a windows phone but does not like the crappy apps then just
    download the Launcher 8 for android on the play store it has the nice looks
    and customization of the windows and the better apps of android and its

  • Mohammad Tareq says:

    1st windows phone
    2nd IOS
    3rd android

  • Charan Puvvada says:

    is windows phone the best ?

  • miller 126fc says:

    is Android the best 

  • Ran Dom says:

    Mislabel much? Thought this video was a Mobile OS comparison..

  • Raja Mishra says:

    I have low vision problem which of the three : iOS, Android or Windows
    phone is preferable? Zoom, screen reader and an interactive voice control
    witha good scren size and resolution is what I am looking for. Need your

  • Mesho Al says:

    What you said about WP market share is not true by now! WP is now #2 in
    Latin America and other places like Italy.

  • Brandy Gomez says:
  • Filip Laska says:

    Windows Phone is Nice is Better than Android Because Android have Much Lags
    and its Peace of shit Windows phone & iOS FTW

  • Dennis Servillon says:

    fuck you bitch

  • Faraz Rocco says:

    Nokia is better tha htc and other android phone

  • Nick Stifler says:

    iOS and MAC are the world OS’s..they are not confined to just a PC or just
    a phone or just a handheld device…but morons compare MAC to just PC’s and
    iOS to just other phones…Dont fucking waste my time by arguing me on this
    and use google to know what i mean here i atleast hope you all know that
    its free use !

  • Prabhu Sankar says:

    the best are IOS and windows phone ! android is simply shit !

  • Pedro Andrade says:

    Windows phone needs good apps, Android needs to fix the lags and ios needs
    to stop breaking so easy

  • oliver masangcay says:

    Why is every complaining about the apps of windows phone? The operating
    system started about 2-3 years ago! Lets look at android and apple at the
    start of 2 years.

  • Magnus Justesen says:

    Guys Windows Phone is the Best Ever. idc what you guys say

  • Razvan C says:

    if u want a phone go for ios or windows ; most of android phones even
    mighty note3 get crash on apps ; and phone`s are not made for games – if u
    want to play games get a pc or a console

  • Draugr Wight says:


  • koala13 says:

    People people please calm down. This whole fight is really stupid. Btw
    it’s all about WINDOWS PHONE!!!

  • mark denns says:

    Androids the clear winner but windows is okay

    Iphone is fuked up…only the wannabe cool and rich kiddies have it..

  • Dalton Mason says:

    Stfu android is better then all get over it already damn

  • Tmea Timbo says:

    Why do Americans always shout? Very annoying to listen to this!

  • Sh4dow18 says:

    1. Windows phone
    2. Android
    3. Anything other than iOS because it’s a piece of shit

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