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25 Responses to “Windows Phone vs Android – Which Should you Buy? (2014-2015)”

  • Mrwhosetheboss says:

    For people coming to the end of their contracts this year…Enjoy! :D 

  • Downthe Line says:

    For people coming to the end of their contracts this year…Enjoy! :D 

  • shagamole says:

    Shouldn’t your name be “MrWho’sTheBoss”

  • Anderson Freire says:

    Windows Phone vs Android – Which Should you Buy?


  • Fahad Ayaz says:

    Nice effort but why are you talking in US dollars when (I’m guessing), you
    live in the UK? Also, the dual camera on the M8 isn’t used for image

  • RedditTop10 says:

    On these types of videos, you should animate it more. For example while
    you’re saying the facts, put them up on the video with text

  • Mesho Al says:

    It is not true what you said about WP updates.

  • TheHercules107 says:


  • marcus gregg says:

    trick question, you buy the iphone

  • Jimmy Vermeulen says:

    Android !

  • daniel villareal says:

    dont buy windows. windows sucks.. +1 android.

  • JONS TECH says:

    HTC One M8 is out for windows phone, so you can now get a windows phone
    with the same specs as android!! But I still think the Lumia 1520 is the
    best windows phone yet. GO WINDOWS PHONE!!!

  • Sheikh Asimuzzaman says:

    Nice But Android is an open source OS, so any one can buy it and customize
    it according to customers’s demands. I have used both OSs and found that
    both are good in their ways. I am done with android updates , sometimes you
    need to buy another high specs phone to cope up with the updates…So I
    think it is better to use windows phone if someone wants to get involved
    with daily social updates and click great photos…

  • Brielle Lively says:

    I love your command of the English language!

  • PaperPlanesParadise says:

    please make a review of Alcatel Idol X+, an Octa-core android phone with
    1080p IPS display. make a comparison between Alcatel Idol X+ and Redmi
    Note in terms of gaming performance and ovarall.

  • Tom Barnes says:

    I want to see Cortana on android phones cause Google Now is not exactly in
    its prime yet.

  • Alireza Eftekharzade says:

    A lumia 520 can launch asphalt 8 with no lag
    So much more is not needed on wp
    And you only talk about flagships on android
    Google is rubbish in updates
    It updates so fast and only 10 percent of phones get updated
    While wp updates it all
    Even lumia 520
    And the updates on wp are much better than android they actually make it
    better but android

  • TheBlues Ine says:

    what crap, the nokia 1320 only has a 5mp camera

  • Peter Faber says:

    Bad sound. Bad accent. Bye.

    [edit] Ok, bad sound.

  • Sharath Sharu says:

    Please tell which one I have to buy lumia 520 or canvas a1. Plz help

  • Andrej Horňák says:

    Cheap wp is better than cheap android.

  • Arturo Rodriguez says:

    im an android user and i believe windows will get a lot bigger in the next
    year in the app department reasons are :
    developers make money of their applications and now apple and android are
    so so big that customers will never see all the apps so as a developer we
    are looking for ways to promote our apps and in a market that is 60%
    smaller, chances are one of the apps will get notice in the windows market,
    if its a hit there, well android user will try as apple and dont forget 80%
    of pc use windows and with new windows 10 coming that should help a lot
    well just my 2 cents 

  • syefee says:

    Good video – I’ve had experiences with both OS’ and I like them both in
    their own ways, but I’ve recently moved back to the android platform.
    However, I’m definitely hanging on to my 1020as a backup , mainly for the

  • Dj Unicorn says:

    I want a S5

  • Yen Thyrea says:

    so difficult to listen, but I understand what you mean, just difficult,
    please try clear then this, 

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