Windows Phone 8.1 has brought Microsoft’s phone platform quite a long ways since the early days. Now that we have a much broader feature list, I thought it t…

25 Responses to “Windows Phone 8.1 vs Android 4.4.2 Kit Kat”

  • Cpenguiner says:

    i have heard from people that Android has some issues like Lagging, Low
    Battery life problems… But Windows Phones are better , i think, and i’ve
    been thinking of get one. lumia 925 or 1020 (cos of 41 MP) , but, as
    everyone says , windows phone lacks of various application options. i hope
    they extend their applications.

  • Pete W says:

    Missing banking app? I wonder what kind of bank this zolotech guy is using.
    Just about every major bank has an app for Windows Phone. 

  • Satish Singh says:

    The home screen of Android has 3 to 4 sections – the bottom horizontal
    strip etc. The icons they can house are not very different. Then what is
    the need for different sections?

    Windows phone OS addresses this issue by having a single home screen with
    no boundaries. Everything, including images, songs, videos, apps, websites,
    rail tickets, HERE drive route and traffic details, specific contacts,
    everything can be pinned to the start screen. SIMPLICITY is the biggest
    This simplicity runs down to other features of Win 8 as well like the
    multitasking windows, email client, people hub etc.

  • Itaku says:

    Customization vs No Customization.

  • Cesar Raymond says:

    You should have compared it to a Nexus 5 instead of crappy laggy S5!
    Nexus 5 is the standard Android phone and would be better to compare!

  • wjohnatty says:

    This guy is trying hard to make the Windows phone seem ok – but ends up
    showing off how much better android is.

  • Jie Xu Chen says:

    Rebember one thing:

    On Windows 8.1 You’re using Bing search, and not Google.

    However nice comparizon.
    (P.s. Windows 8.1 is better!)

  • james wasda says:

    I like the overall design of windows phone better, and I recently got a
    Lumia 1520, and the proccessing power of it is overkill. Also I love the
    windows phone cameras.

  • Rob Watkins says:

    I was a former enthusiastic Windows Mobile user but switched to Android in
    2010 after WinMo 6.5 was very stale. Part of me would like to switch back
    now that Windows Phone is becoming more competent. I’m deeply embedded in
    Android. All of my music and pics are stored in the Android Cloud. Is there
    an easy way to import my contacts, photos and music to Windows? I love the
    camera on Nokia Windows devices since I take a lot of pics at work for
    customers. I appreciate any input.

  • Rithman says:

    Only on Windows Phone 8.1 you can watch youtube in 1080p (with IE in
    desktop mode). Android and iOS can only stream 720p even if you have 1080p
    display. That is big advantage for me and i’m using Lumia 1520 now instead
    of Samsung Galaxy.

  • MrThatsYe says:

    Gosh every review is so biased towards Android or iPhone. Because every big
    mobile review company either owns android or iPhone. If this guy ACTUALLY
    owned a Windows Phone and used it for more than a week I think he, like
    myself and many others; would fall in love with the WP Operating System and
    start realizing what a modern smartphone should be: all necessary
    functions, no lag, quick and cool with a great camera to capture every
    moment (which is what Windows Phone is)

  • Jerry Berglund says:

    Hmm… i really have to say to choose a Samsung phone and say that is kinda
    equal to Googles own vanilla version of Android kinda makes this review
    strange. This for instance shut down all apps in the same time, is a
    manufactury thing that Samsung and Sony put in themselves and dont exist
    (what I know) in 4.4 kitkat. So this kinda makes this comparison kinda off.
    YOu should do it again and use a nexusphone or just say you compare with wp
    8.1 against a Samsungphone because its is actually what you kinda did.

  • Cameron Legg says:

    is there a desktop on a windows phone?

  • ElvisRockVinyl says:

    I was an android user for quite a while but I prefer the windows phones
    now, I have a budget Lumia 620 and it’s brilliant with the 8.1 update it’s
    very quick considering it’s limited spec when compared to the current crop
    of 8.1 Windows phones but it does the job, wouldn’t touch an android phone
    for love nor money now

  • Umurcan Emre says:

    developer mode voids warranty?

    i don’t think that phones would come with an app that can void warranty
    when pressed? Or a self destruct button
    it is also not any good for market to grow larger. i think and hope that
    you may be mistaken?

  • Pretty Turtle says:

    I’m new to the windows phone. Why isn’t my phone like yours? I have Nokia
    Lumia 1020

  • JaclynGlen FREAK says:

    they probably knew they were making a robotic and rusty OS when Android was
    in the making…why else would they name it on something that they know
    lags like a Robot…?? ANDROID? WHICH BTW ITSELF MEANS A ROBOT….2 months
    into usage and the menus start jittering…..My windows phone is a year old
    now and still runs fast without lag…fuckin Lagroid

  • cookycandy4 says:

    You forgot alot of features about Windows Phone 8.1, like how it actually
    DOES have folders (which you didn’t mention). I’m not going to say your
    bais, but you do need to do your research before you make a review of both
    phones so the viewers can see what both phones have to offer.

    Also during the video, you seem to follow a pattern of saying “yes Windows
    phone has this, BUT Android has this”. I understand that you’re trying to
    compare both phones, but you sound like you’re repeating the same thing
    over and over. You sound like you’re desperately trying make Android seem
    better than all times.

    The only thing i’d say about Windows Phone is that they could definitely
    add a changing the font option. I really hate their stupid phone font _.

    Also also, can anyone really complain about the app store? It’s not really
    the company’s fault…i’d say that “blame” goes to the app developers.
    Windows Phone isn’t really THAT popular and many developers either don’t
    bring their app to Windows Phone, or they do but seldom update it so WP
    users have to wait months for new features that iOS and Android get almost
    immediately after their announced. If people really wanted to help the app
    store, they’d need to bring more attention to Windows Phone.

  • juggunut says:

    I have used android, windows phone, and iOS, and in my opinion Android>
    iOS> Widows Phone, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

  • Dinu cv says:

    am using nokia lumia 720 with windows 8.1 and lenovo 780 android kitkat for
    the last several months.
    my opinion hardware side Nokia is best . but on user interface it is still
    a baby with the windows.

  • TurtleGamingNL says:

    its personal preference, id go with windows but that is just me its really
    up to you

  • Enrique Alejo says:

    I love my NOKIA WINDOWS phone. The sound has also improved !

  • Nemanja Milkić says:

    When Windows 10 comes out, do I get to download it on my Nokia as an
    upgrade or I would need to buy new phone? Thanks

  • CreeTar says:

    you should highlight the negative sides of Samsung Android e.g. you need
    root for almost everything (backup of apps, remove bloatware, disabled
    services, use memory as mass drive…). Also stuff like Android won’t allow
    you to change brightness if you are on 5% no matter what battery pack you
    are using. You cannot change the volume in small steps, it only has those
    10 presets. Restrictions of using external SD cards with 4.4 KittyKat and
    so on…
    I would like to know if Microsoft is also treating you like a baby and
    won’t allow you to do anything technically with your phone.

  • htconex19062012 says:

    TouchWiz made me cut myself!

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