Lenovo Yoga Tablet Dual: http://youtu.be/eIxba1UmvIo #IfIHadAYoga Which browser do you use on your iPhone / Android phone? Click to Subscribe! http://bit.ly/SubAustin Using Safari or Chrome…

25 Responses to “What’s the Best Browser for Android and iPhone?”

  • TheSkullcrusher73 says:


  • The Canadian Hitman says:

    Who had the copyrights to your shirt in the first place?

  • Austin Evans says:

    So what browser do you use on your phone?

  • JmanTheMinecrafter says:

    Honestly lately I’ve been using Opera Coast it’s a very unique design I
    like it,

  • Monsters689 says:

    Love your videos and the effort you put in please reply ;) 

  • Maximilian Patten says:

    Opera Coast is awesome from a design standpoint

  • Zack Schmiesing says:

    Chrome on my Nexus 7 (2013), Safari on my iPhone 3GS

  • MattBDoesMinecraft says:

    haha saw you start typing hey guys its austin into the search. made my day

  • Josh Foret says:

    I get the feeling you favor ios. I am disappoint. 

  • oPryzeLP says:

    Chrome does nothing but crash for me on my android. I have tried absolutely
    everything. Sticking with the default one

  • Yhigma says:

    You never even answered the question that is the title of the video!
    Obviously the term “best” can vary from person to person in this case, but
    you never acknowledged the one that you think is the “best,” nor did you
    say “there is no best.”
    Yes I can be a critic
    Constructive criticism :) 

  • Leon Chen says:

    I use IE :P 

  • ProdigyCarter says:

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  • MurderNinja101 says:

    I use internet explorer XD Jk

  • TheNitroMan says:

    I prefer Firefox since they are the lesser evil compared to other
    browsers… Also because I use it on my other systems.

  • Iron Man says:

    I ate an apple.

  • Haydn Jeffries says:

    Strange title. It should read either “What’s the Best Browser for ‘INSERT
    ANDROID DEVICE HERE’ and iPhone?” or “What’s the Best Browser for Android
    and iOS?”

    Just saying for future videos, Austin.

  • GingerGames says:

    I use Google Ultron. It’s used by NASA; powered by Adobe Reader!

  • EnragedBeast says:

    The best browser is Puffin Browser.

  • Evaldas65 says:

    I use IE on my Windows Phone (FFS, why does everyone seem to forget about
    Windows Phone?). It runs just fine.

  • Mr. Snow Show York'eso .|. says:

    Funny how apple forces Safari.

  • 9arold9 says:

    Hey, i have a question that isn’t related to the video but more on the pc
    Will i have any issues with the build that i was thinking on building? He
    mainly plays indie games and not so demanding games, if there is anything
    that i can do else for the same price i’d be happy with some feedback

    Cpu: Intel Core i5-4670K
    Cpu cooler: Cooler master hyper 212EVO
    Gpu:Sapphire R7 260X 2GB (Factory overclocked)
    Power supply: Corsair CX Series 430 watt
    Mother board: Gigabyte GA-Z97N-WIFI
    Ram: Crucial Ballistix Sport Very Low Profile 8GB Kit (4GBx2)
    HDD: WD black 1TB 7200 rpm
    Case: bitfenix prodigy mini itx case
    Os: Windows 7 or 8.1

    Thanks in advance!

  • Raihan Ahmed says:

    2 of the most powerful phones out? iphone 5s? really? -_-

  • banescar says:

    The statment on Austins shirt is kinda dumb, isn’t it? I mean the shirt
    obviously has not been removed…

  • tomtom87483 says:

    Anyone know what the into song is? And no it is not Darude Sandstorm.

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