Top 5 Android Smartphones – October 2014 Edition Full list: It’s an exciting time to watch the smartphone market. Android smartphones f…

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  • TechnoBuffalo says:
  • nathanb53 says:

    I currently have the HTC One M8 and I’m pretty disappointed with it. Does
    anyone else feel the same way? The camera quality is pretty disappointing
    and the messaging app is super slow, along with the keyboard lagging behind
    my typing. 

  • MrLaeddis1 says:

    iPhone is the best Android phone. Sorry guys, I’m right because I buy every
    iPhone and I’m the happiest person in the world.

  • scourned7 says:

    How in the fuck is the M8 showing its age? Because it doesnt have a quad hd
    display? Really? Then your precious iphone 6 and 6+ aged before they were
    even released.

  • RenovatioJuris says:

    Glad the Xperia Z series featured. Personally would have picked the Z3 over
    the Z3 Compact more for the incredible battery life. That’s exactly what I
    did a few weeks ago. Stunning 2 days under normal use and 3 with light use.
    No regrets.

  • Imad S says:

    Have the M8 and love it, wish the Nexus 6 was out at that time though. I
    really like the Note 4 but I know sometime in the future TouchWiz is going
    to disappoint me with it’s lag, anyone else share my concerns?

  • Raphy Martinez says:

    Z3 and Z3 Compact are in fact water proof. not just water resistant. Can
    even record under water…. As shown in the inserted clip. 

  • Ilija Petrovic says:

    m8 came out in 2014

    ”it’s starting to show its age”

  • Mark Ford says:

    Guys, I really think you are not serving people well by talking up the Z3 /
    Z3 Compact without mentioning how fragile it is. A quick search on web and
    YT demonstrates how the screen can smash after v.short falls. So while
    you’re talking about durability – sand and waterproof – you’re conveniently
    ignoring this other aspect of durability, or lack thereof. Just to
    re-enforce the relevance of durability, you like to mention (again) the
    build quality of the Note 4. Does it not seem like a contradiction to talk
    up one aspect of durability but not another?

    On paper, the Z3 / Z3 Compact is a great phone and of course, despite the
    fragility, if this is people’s favourite phone then that’s great and I have
    no problem… but to *not* address this issue kind of sucks because your
    role here is to help people with expectations.

    Now, if you was to take this top 5 and drop test for us, especially
    considering the Z3 is slippery as hell (or so I’ve heard), then there’s
    nothing I’d love more than to be proved wrong.

  • ray britton says:

    No oneplus one? You guys have got to be kidding. $350 with 64gb built in.
    5.5″ 1080p 3gb ram 3100mAh battery, snapdrgagon 801 adreno 330 I think.
    It’s a beast and oh yeah this is worth repeating… It’s 350 bucks

  • Ryan Dougherty says:

    Loved the video however I hated how you made the m8 sound sub par because
    it doest have a quad HD display. 441ppi is plenty lol

  • JSantana319 says:

    Very biased towards the M8. That’s one of the best Android devices and the
    screen looks even better than the G3 regardless of the resolution 

  • coNNet says:

    1. Samsung Galaxy Note 4
    2. LG G3
    3. Moto X (2014)
    4. HTC One (M8)
    5. Xperia Z3 Compact

  • Jonas Gamao says:

    So happy that the Xperia Z3 Compact made it on the list. 

  • Waffle Wong Yee Ket says:

    1.) Sony Xperia Z3
    2.) Samsung Galaxy Alpha
    3.) Samsung Galaxy S5
    4.) HTC One (M8)
    5.) Vivo Xshot

  • jokamutta says:

    The Z3 Compact is going to be my next phone, because I don’t like big

  • Hamza Ali says:

    The Z3 is waterproof, why is he saying water resistant ?

  • mike zimmerman says:

    Oscar goes to…… Z3 Compact, arguably the best gadget of 2014. The
    design and high-end specs, especially the battery life, were the key
    factors for me to take it. I was right yeah

  • vinicius santos says:

    moto maxx em primeiro

  • Kyle Contino says:

    I’m planning to buy my mom Z3 compact in green for Christmas :) I got the
    white Z3C

  • Siufat Wjo says:

    Love the HTC Desire Eye. 13mp front&rear camera with dual flash & Eye
    experience. Water proof. Nice design. I just love it!

  • John Sheehey says:

    Kudos to SONY for Z3 Compact

  • Gwen Williams says:

    Note 4 king of smart phones isn’t :p

  • Marco Griep says:

    What do you guys think? LG G3 or oneplus one? Im gonna buy one of them and
    i really don’t know which one…

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