Watch as I look at the Top 3 Budget Phones Unlocked! All three are amazing phones at their price point. I cover the Nokia Lumia 520/521, Moto G and the Googl…

25 Responses to “Top 3 Budget Phones! (Early 2014)”

  • TechSmartt says:

    I’ll take 10 of the $50 phones. 

  • KABOOtech says:

    Very cool video and excellent comparison 

  • alwaysstoned1989 says:

    1 month proud user of Moto G, it’s the best bang for fuck. Only things
    that’s negative are the edges that get dusty so fast

  • Nethir Osman says:

    Nexus 5 is $470 in Aus

  • Dejan Renčelj says:

    *Best budget smartphones are…* Nokia Lumia 520, Motorola Moto G and LG
    Nexus 5 (runner up Motorola Moto X)! Good selection. I wonder how good are
    the HTC’s, Huawei’s, Samsung’s and Sony’s entry level phones compared to
    the ones mentioned in the video?

    Huawei is doing very well and a lot of people praise their budget phones
    and probably these phones are in fact a worthy competition. Or are they?
    HTC had a loss in 2013 which I’m afraid could have an impact on the quality
    of their phones.
    Samsung is selling a lot no doubt about it and has a lot of know-how but
    are their low-end phones any good?
    And there is Sony who is putting a lot of effort into their phones lately
    especially after their decision to “dump” the Bravia and Vaio products.

    Hmmm… Any thoughts?

  • Savvy Sexy Social says:


  • kiril Veljanoski says:

    Lg nexus 5 is not a budget phone. It is not cheap!

  • Freddo Ponce says:

    no son equipos del mismo rango de precio ya existe el nokia x2.
    podrias hacer una comparacion incluye el nokia 930 tambien. gracias.

  • Rafael Oredina says:

    Awesome video Danny!

  • Dave Hazekamp says:

    What about one+ one

  • Niels Mantel says:

    what was the background you where using at the moto g?

  • tVgclan says:

    Should I get nokia lumia 520 or 625 and don’t say neither (it’s the
    internet obviously you will)

  • Alex Hitch-wins says:

    Nexus 5 is great value for the money. With specs that are better than a HTC
    One (599$) you can’t go wrong spending only 349$!

  • komnenovic studos says:

    hey no lenovo phonse

  • jason randazzo says:

    The Nexus 5 is not budget

  • Chuck Harrison says:

    No moto x

  • evin version says:

    your videos are pure art

  • Nathalie Joy Valenzuela says:

    why not just buy philippines myphone rio? it only cost 100+ dollars
    i dont know the exact amount .
    but its quad-core has 8mp camera
    i dont know the other features but you can just search it! link below
    click red more
    they said it was nice ow yeah it has 5 inch screen its qhd
    heres the link to the vid: MyPhone Rio: Live Life in Colors
    just don’t mind the music XD
    and for the web

  • Jerri Skinner says:

    thanks just ordered my moto g 

  • Rasmus Toivio says:

    Should I get nexus 5?

  • Edo Ridho says:

    The Nokia Lumia 520Above $100 in Indonesia 

  • RedDragonGamingHD says:

    Owned the Lumia 520, had cheap Android phones on the past which were so
    laggy and unuseable that I ended up getting an iPhone 4 after 12 days of
    owning it (now an avid Android user) and when I found this for $50 I
    impulse bought it and was surprised it was more smooth than my SGS3, even
    games were great, and the screen was suprisingly not too bad. Only issue
    was software wise, ie the apps were garbaged and felt beta. But great
    budget phone, best IMO. Though if I had a bit more to spend I might swing
    for a Zenfone.

  • Typical Commenter says:



    Lol iphone 900$ I think I’ll just buy a ps4 or Xbox or even a pc and a
    track phone 

  • Abbas Khan says:

    Nokia Xl is pretty damn amazing! :) 

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