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25 Responses to “Top 25 Best Free Android RPG Games of 2014”

  • AndroidNub says:

    Best Free Android RPGs of 2014.
    January-August 2014.

  • AndroidNub says:

    Hey guys. The best games that came out this week was Arcane Soul 8:30 and
    Dawn of the Immortals. There were some other games but I wanted to make
    this video instead. Also I am sick and can’t do commentary. I will probably
    combine everything into next week’s list. Here’s the best free rpgs from
    Jan-August 2014. Hope you enjoy.

  • Gerry Rivaldy says:

    +AndroidNub what android device you use for your videos? shield portable?
    shield tablet? nexus 7? android console?

  • An Tran says:

    This list is just for games that came out this year right?

  • abi tiyoso says:

    u forgot my monster party

  • Fakus Namus says:

    Literally almost the same description for every game. “Combat is action
    oriented. Joystick to move around. Buttons for attack and specials. Boss
    battle ate the end. X amount of races to choose from, next, rinse and

  • 2 Payments of $19.95 says:

    I like Arcane Soul but I wish it had a story with towns and roaming. Are
    there any games like that? That are like Arcane Soul?

  • Miksu112 1337 says:


  • Nieminen Eminem says:

    Pocket legends
    Star legends
    Arcane legends
    Dark legends

  • Jovan Ruiz says:

    AndroidNub why didn’t you add brave frontier? It’s an amazing RPG game

  • The Jetty Jet Show says:

    So pretty much, everything is pretty Keeeuw and a lot of content, animation
    was quite nice, and has a lot of content. And anudder game to check out,
    derz a lot of kewls, Now i REALLY know which one is Kieeuuew. Thanks for
    the review, Kewww zoom in on boob joke..

  • The allied gamers says:

    Hey i like your videos but i have a question :
    Is in the google play games like zelda twighlight princess ?

  • Marc Bradshaw says:

    Where is brave frontier? It beats all these games

  • Malupet Echos says:

    why is Avabel not included on the list? it is a good game and it is like

  • DREDTiER Jangar says:

    hmm.. you forgot legion of heroes.. i think LOH is all this plus even more.
    u guys should check it out.

  • Arc Futahito says:

    This is sad. Mediocre PSP games are better and more complex than this
    trash. I understand that android market is about getting money fast, but,
    wow, you don’t see something this bad very often.

  • Ethan Jose says:

    why u always pick the girl characters??

  • Moraktion . says:

    Are any of these games on the iOS USA App Store?

  • Liang Huang says:

    You said cross horizon got a new creator but It still says can’t find item

  • utku karaçam says:

    This list is full of Western-RPGs. How About JRPGs?

  • Joemark canedo says:

    plzz rpg on ios ipad or iphone plzz 

  • League of Kiporion says:

    Is there someone in that barrrl? NO! Shut up! Ahahahaha Im dieing

  • Tenchi10 says:

    Darkstone was possibly one of my favorite PSOne games, and now it has made
    its way to Android…pretty awesome! Graphics were toned down, battle seems
    a little less interactive, but overall looks the same. It was probably one
    of my first Diablo-style RPGs that I ever witnessed on a console and was
    one of those games often brushed under the rug. I still find it fun and
    exciting, but I think going Android might have been too much for a game
    like that. Especially since you can run the ROM, which is by far, so much

  • Camilo Torres says:

    it blows my mind the things that cellphones can do these days

  • SuperCrazyCrasher says:

    Weird how I’ve actually a ton of these before I saw this

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