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25 Responses to “Top 20 Best Android Apps 2015”

  • XzX_z3 says:

    Nice Nexus 6 you got 

  • Limitless says:

    QKSMS is a great texting app as well, if you haven’t already you should try

  • Android Tech Kid says:

    The for another great video wish there was more apps tho I had use all
    those but just 2 I love the music player best one I have seen yet the

  • FCPROLLS says:

    Thanks for the apps
    Keep making videos

  • Martin Olivar says:

    You have the CLEANEST android videos! They’re so well made like all the
    fonts and the camera positions are perfect!

  • Maneeb Ali says:

    Great selection of apps! May I ask where you got that clock/weather widget
    from please? Thanks. :) 

  • Shica Jung says:

    Great Vid man! And the camera that you use has INSANE quality! Keep up the
    good work bro!

  • DarkBlack22 says:

    Hi +HowToMen u need to change the description’s FAQ. It should be nexus 6
    not nexus 5 lol

  • Joshua Bane says:

    Lol its only been a few days into the year and a top apps for this year
    already made….

  • Yamcha says:

    Wow! Thanks alot for this! That gallery app and music player are the best!
    Replaced Quickpic 

  • penyuwan says:

    Informative videos as always, Piktures is so clean, I always used Quikpic
    before this, now I have another alternative.

  • Brian Tran says:

    Great video on some very useful apps. 

  • dGladiator says:

    That lazy swipe is awesome. Why is it even free? Is there something fishy

  • loric loppi says:

    Man, this really cheered me up, i’ve spent the night trying to fix an ipod
    touch, never again…

  • Mik lalo says:

    Awesome video great information on this application thanks.

  • ammvid says:

    Hey, great video. Just wondering how you got your shuttle music player to
    look like that? Mine doesn’t look very material design-y and I’m on the
    latest version. Thanks.

  • sean noonan says:

    dose any one know a good root method for a Samsung note edge sm-n915t i
    used CF-Auto-Root and got it rooted but my phone got so crapy and slow and
    almost non responsive .. did Samsung make the phone so you dont want to
    root it? any help would be awesome

  • Sathira Katugaha says:

    Nice vid! but how did you get that material look for shuttle?

  • aidan williams says:

    For headsup when I recieve a notification it will display the default one
    and the headsup one at the same time. How do I fix this?

  • Kreyla Mirani says:

    What theme do you use? And why Are your icons so small? Pls answer

  • Michael Stokes says:

    Great video, but I would suggest putting the month in the title, or “early
    2015″. Since some of these apps might not be as popular 6 – 10 months down
    the line.

  • Luc Verhoeven says:

    that intro always reminds me of ‘Pink – Raise your glass’

  • Lasha S says:

    Hi everyone. I just finished creating my first Android game, would be cool
    if you guys check it out on play store, Don’t break your phones tho :D It’s
    called FreeYourWay, Thanks :-) 

  • jon lafave says:

    who would dislike your video, i’m amazed on how clean your videos are I
    watched a lot and a very big fan!. I am also a themer just love doing it
    and I rooted user do a video on rooted apps of 2015.

  • Sarang Patel says:

    Which launcher and icon pack was that?

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