The greatest android phones of all time.

8 Responses to “Top 10 Greatest Android Phones Of All Time”

  • MsBickle76 says:

    everything from HTC is shit…. I’ll go with Nexus (Which is part of the
    HTC line but made by google)

  • MsBickle76 says:

    @MsBickle76 Nexus S that is, not The original nexus…

  • pmb6177 says:

    sgs1 rocked but sgs2 kills them ALL…4get apples bye ohone,unless you’re a
    presumptious LABEL SNOB,with no individuality….baaaaah…..hows it feel 2
    b a sheep??? SADDO…….:-(

  • CodeRed979 says:

    Pretty good list, not huge fan of original nexus, and droid x should be
    higher, that’s the phone I have and it rocks :)

  • Derrick Claar says:

    How in the world does the G1 come listed higher than the N1 or Droid?? I’m
    sorry, you lost me there. I remember doing dev with a couple of G1s we had
    at work, and then getting my N1. It was like going from an 80s Honda to a
    Lexus! I’ve tried the Droid too, but didn’t like the form factor or the
    blaring VERIZON in your face at every turn. I also have enjoyed being first
    in line for the latest updates. Next stop, Nexus 7 Tab ; )

  • Kevin Singh says:

    The Iphone just got burned

  • Craig Braidwood says:

    Ummm… i think you mean xperia play for number one…

  • Jacob koodarappally says:

    man i hated the 2007s

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