With Vertu finally offering an up-to-date luxury phone, we had to check out the Signature Touch up close and personal. After all, it’s not everyday that one …

25 Responses to “This is what a $22,000 Android phone feels like | Engadget”

  • RobloOliver says:

    Ugly and th ick

  • otis ellis says:

    You too can have this phone for only $305.55 per month on a 6 year payment
    plan. :-$

  • Laurence Eckert says:

    Gonna go out and buy this right now…… No but seriously who the hell has
    enough money to buy this, and even if you did… why would you?

  • FuzzleLand says:

    Buy a normal phone that is of the same or better quality and use the rest
    of that absurd amount of money to actually help someone who needs it.

  • Kent Kerr says:

    For people with more money than brains. 

  • Tony Salinas says:

    Oooh, this thing is very fugly. I would much rather buy the LG G3 or Galaxy
    S5 and get a very expensive case custom made for it. 

  • nochet2211 says:

    I would rather go to brazil, watch a Fifa match, buy an m8 and fly back
    like a boss :D 

  • Thimmet says:

    An asian man talking with a british accent… weird, even disturbing.
    He is asian (looks a lot Chinese) not british!

  • donMurgero says:

    since is an Android phone it is a shittie phone

  • Jarl Ballin' says:

    If I wanted to own a phone this ugly, I’d just smash my iPhone against the
    floor a few times…

  • Avenge StunneR says:

    Made for materialistic self important douchebags.

  • Richie Rich says:

    Can buy ultra HD tv and a ultrabook with the highest specs, custom pc with
    highest specs and screen with QHD an xbox one and playstation 4, beats pro,
    solo2 and studio wireless. Galaxy s5, iphone 5s, htc m8, lg g3, surface pro
    3. With 22.000 dollars. LOL that shit is worth the money serious!!!!

  • Brandon Sorto says:
  • DynamicSphinxxx says:

    The LG G3 has better specs than this expensive shit phone.

    The phone’s design is horrendous, it looks like a phone that was designed
    over 5 years ago. I prefer a very minimalistic and sleek design, built with
    premium materials like glass or aluminum. No amount of lizard leather and
    rubies will compensate for that Vertu phone’s ugliness.

    If a random person was presented that Vertu Signature Touch and the Sony
    Xperia Z2 (and was not informed of the price for the phones), I am 100%
    certain that the person would pick the Xperia Z2 over that Vertu phone.

    The Xperia Z2 has the looks and specs of my ideal phone, the Signature
    Touch doesn’t.

  • Firdaus Wahid says:

    I wonder why China knock-off manufacturer didn’t clone this phone with
    cheaper material.

  • MrHo16 says:

    …why does this exist?

  • Eric Henderson says:

    Not worth it 

  • Ion Techcentral says:

    110 HTC One M8′s…..Or this phone…I’ll go with the One’s…

  • R.J Williams says:

    That’s a car no matter how unluxurious it is. I’d rather have extra wheels
    and a shamefully cheap $300 phone. 

  • gcv980 says:

    Imagine if you lost the phone or you accidentally damaged it? Seriously
    it’s not the average Joe. 

  • AsianHideout says:

    I’ll admit, I clicked on this video this was going to be another one of
    those dual core 480p screen phones from years ago that Vertu is known to

  • Chris says:

    Waste of fucking money! might as well get a galaxy s5 its 10 times better

  • Jayme Capurso says:

    wow, that thing is living proof that money cannot buy good taste. UGLY! ! !

  • George Eliopoulos says:

    Everyone in the comments is just jealous.
    1. There are many very rich people that can buy this phone.
    2. The type of people who would buy this phone don’t give a shit about the

  • Supertecnoboff says:

    I wouldn’t pay $1 dollar for that crap lol….

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