Special guest Mark MacDonald rejoins the cast of Nintendo Voice Chat to talk about the deep process of translating Japanese games for Western audiences. Tune in as host Jose Otero, Peer Schneider …

25 Responses to “The Fascinating Way Japanese Games Get Localized – Nintendo Voice Chat”

  • Agent Retarded Panda says:

    First :D 

  • plgf10 says:


  • masterxxxtamer48 says:

    Wii u, Ps4, N3ds, and PC is the way to go!!!! <3

  • Mephiles Metal Sonic says:

    OK, on that topic, why hasn’t Fatal frame 5 been localized yet

  • pkmdz says:

    Yes that is correct. That is the best game.

  • donovan woolridge says:

    Nice tigrex hat

  • Charizard215 says:

    It’s interesting that you guys had to go through that with the cross-buy.
    When I bought OlliOlli on Wii U, all I had to do is go to the game’s page
    on my 3DS and it automatically gave me a “100% discount”.

  • magaldi says:

    Hey! Finally NVC is on youtube! Keep it coming!

  • GoddessVideoGame says:

    I’m surprised you guys didn’t menton Xenoblade Chronicles X at all. 

  • Carlos Estrada says:

    I remember glory of Heracles but sadly did not finish it. It was a pretty
    good game and I think I found it a five below store for 5 bucks. Best 5
    bucks spent to date.

  • StrategyMaster17 says:

    How did you guys not even mention Xenoblade Chronicles X in a discussion
    about game localization?

  • Altinore says:

    didn’t even know this existed did anyone ever talk shit about nntendo not
    including a charger with their new 3ds XL?

  • Brian Kirkham says:

    Need more anime games in US on nintendo devices. Like dragon quest 10 or
    one based off anime and dateing sim games like love plus would be awesome.

  • Schloknak says:

    “Now, you can see the wild Josegrex in it’s natural habitat. It is quite
    majestic if I do say so myself.”

  • videogameobsession says:

    Did Jose lose a bet or something?? … … … So Nintendo is releasing a
    game on the 3DS which could be compared to a good iOS game, and without 3D
    (Awesome!)…but they are charging $20 + tax ?!? ( No thanks).

  • Jin Guy says:

    dat hat.

  • DPtrainer14 says:

    I watch alot of IGN podcasts like beyond, unlocked, UK, destiny and I must
    say the Nintendo podcast is easily the best. Good job guys.

  • SuperNinjaBoy43 says:

    Omf, Andre and Peer are friends (or good acquaintances at least). That’s so

  • Parkerster Shang says:

    We need Jared Petty on this cast someday!

  • Mayo Rice says:

    Mark’s statements about the Wii U are absurd. Whether the Wii U is worth
    the purchase or not is highly debatable and widely varies from person to
    person. First of all, he’s assuming that the guy who is on the fence about
    it is interested in most or all of Wii U’s games. Does he like Bayonetta,
    Captain Toad, or both? Does he like the gamepad or not? Quite a few of Wii
    U’s games forces you to use the gamepad, even if you can use other
    controllers. Pikmin 3 and Mario Kart 8, for example. Also, does he like
    downloading games? If so, he’ll want to get an external HDD and possibly a
    Y adapter if he gets a USB 3.0 one, which is much more popular and cheaper.
    Does he want to use a wired internet connection? If so, he’ll want to get
    an adapter for that too. Not to mention because you have to have that
    stupid controller on whenever your Wii U is turned on, you’ll be constantly
    recharging it even when you’re not actually using it. The Wii U has
    serious flaws and Nintendo gets a pass on a lot of bullshit. The Wii U is
    also lacking third party support, and the amount of Wii U exclusives does
    not necessarily justify the purchase because it still really depends on
    what the person in question likes to play, and how much the backwards
    compatibility and Virtual Console matter to him, if at all.
    Also, “oh well why wait for a price drop at all because you can always wait
    for a price drop or a sale” is some really stupid logic. Maybe waiting for
    a price drop is worth it for him? Maybe he doesn’t want the Wii U that
    badly? Maybe he feels that it’s debatable whether the Wii U is worth it’s
    current price or not (which he obviously does considering he’s on the fence
    about it)? You guys didn’t even really answer his question about if you
    think Nintendo will announce a price drop, bundle, etc. in their Nintendo
    Direct during E3. 

  • Chuck Donovan says:

    I didnt know CM Punk was a nintendo Fan 

  • David Gonzalez says:


  • SkaiCyan says:

    And yet Nintendo still somehow let Tales of Phantasia GBA’s Ragnarok War
    get called “Kangaroo War”. Oops.

  • SoRa says:

    I’m not sure why they are saying Youkai Watch is too easy and that is
    something they would need to fix in localization? I’m playing the second
    one now and it’s really no easier or harder than a Pokemon game. Not even
    sure what qualifies an RPG as hard. Is he complaining he didn’t need to
    grind to progress through the main story? I’m pretty sure that’s a good
    thing. And the end game definitely requires grinding to take down those

  • Garrett tterraG says:

    Jose is the best :) 

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