What’s the best Android Camera smartphone? Is it the Samsung Galaxy S5? The OnePlus One? How about the LG G3 and OPPO Find 7! Join Marco as he puts all of these to the test! Visit http://www.

25 Responses to “The Best Android Camera Smartphone Mid 2014! (4K)”

  • Honest Tech Reviews says:

    Wtf? No Sony z2. 21MP from an actual camera.

  • Bernard Nguyen says:

    Why limit this to just Android? You should compare cameras of smartphones
    on all platforms (iPhone 5s, Lumia 1020, etc).

  • grevenn says:

    Really no Lumia or z2?

  • amiri679 says:

    The Sony xperia z2 has one of the best camera for android.

  • New American Fishkeeper says:

    I can’t watch this in Opera. Please fix.

  • Khemistry says:

    There’s gonna be a looooooot of babies pouting in a corner. somewhere with
    their arms crossed lol! Not way a Samsung can win! Where will the HTC
    fanboys be? The iSheep will not be able to concede defeat!

    I’ve used the S5, G3, and Note 3 (since I own one) cameras. I have got to
    admit with absolute seriousness, that unless it’s just user error, the G3
    camera sucks in indoor conditions, and my Note 3 blows it away!

    I was out to dinner with a friend who just bought a G3. He kept taking
    selfies with a friend and he couldn’t upload any of them to FB, because
    they came out so terribly. They were all these really dark but washed out
    colors that lacked depth and color accuracy. He found—as I finally found
    out—that he couldnt improve upon his pics using the horrendous photo
    editing options on the G3. I was shocked at how little I could do to
    improve on the pics. I ultimately had to send his photos to my Note 3 via
    bluetooth, so I could edit them using Samsung’s amazing photo editing
    features, and I would send him back a REAL photo he could use!

    His ultimate remark was, “What app are you using???”, because he thought I
    was using a Play Store app. I had to disappoint him by telling him I was
    using the stock photo editing app Samsung provides. He looks defeated. It
    makes no sense how few picture taking options there are on the G3, and
    their photo editing feature are worse still! My Note 3 probably has about
    10x the photo features the G3 has, and that’s my low guess! Unacceptable
    for a high-end phone and a phone of that price!

    For that reason, alone, there’s an almost definite chance I’ll be getting
    the Note 4 which is mostly like adding OIS and upgrading to a 16mp camera.
    I use my camera on my phone A LOT and the G3 would never cut it for me.

  • Robert Lora says:

    You know we’re going to hear it from the z2 owners… 

  • alpinesun says:

    My HTC One M8 is hands down the best… Agree? Anyone? Nobody? Okay…

  • Komal Mann says:

    Where’s xperia z2 

  • TheGamingPharaoh says:

    This is the worst comparison video i have ever seen 

  • Anthony fox says:

    He’s missing a lot of phones. The Fire Phone, Z2, and M8.

  • Zp15 says:

    How did u not put the Z2 in this? And I completely agree that the S5 has
    the best camera but the G3 wasn’t all that far behind. 

  • MaDDeX says:

    Shit video! Sony xperia z2 is way better camera than all of this

  • Thomas Boehnlein says:

    I’m quite happy with my OnePlus One camera. Maybe not the best but it’s
    pretty damn good. Maybe Samsung could let the CyanogenMod team do the OS
    and you would have a perfect phone. Switching over from TouchWiz to CM11S
    has been a shock to my system. Finally, zero lag and tons of customization
    out of the box with no hacking required. The One is quickly becoming my
    alltime favorite phone.

  • Fruitarian says:

    where the hell is htc 0ne? :/

  • jamayrian says:

    Every now and then this guy acts like a moron no lumia or z2 lol

  • Oh! Media says:

    Korea and China win.

  • pengwaffe says:

    so you’re telling me that you didn’t put the htc one m8 in the other video
    because it wasn’t released in the middle of the year, but the galaxy s5
    was? seems legit

  • Mokhtar Mouhib says:

    Haha the first comparaison i see in youtube that doesnt included z2, what a
    shame, the best camera in android, great stabilisation that beats most of
    ois smartphones, natural colors, great quality and details.. And perfect
    low light pictures better than all android smartphones, keep heating. )))) 

  • Frankamentise says:

    The Note 3 takes fantastic pictures as well.

  • Bobbylee Budde says:

    This guy has destroyed phonedog. His reviews are just horrible. He left the
    Z2 out over the one plus. Thats why I unsubscribed a while ago. Now if I
    can get these videos from showing in my feed.

  • CJ Jacobs says:

    I agree with the S 5 being the best camera phone. I have it, the G3 and the
    One and the S 5 consistently gives me better results.

  • E-Boy says:

    PhoneDog you are a son of a bit** were is the Xperia Z2

  • Itaku says:

    I saw the oppo and lol’d joke list.

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