Best Smartphone options of 2014! The Dream Smartphone, 2014: Top Big Phones [0:55] Best Compact Phones [2:59] Best Smartphone Cam…

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  • Marques Brownlee says:

    This massive new video is live – The 1 stop shop for the best of what came
    out this year!

    *Smartphone Awards: 2014!*

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  • joe macedo says:

    Best video yet

  • EMAX says:

    Technically *Sony* should’ve gotten the best camera on a Phone
    award…since the *iPhone* is using a *Sony* sensor in its camera…just

  • bflaves123 says:

    Yeah I got a s5 on black Friday and wish I would have gotten the M8 sigh.
    Anyone wanna trade? lol 

  • ScatterVolt | PC Tech and Gaming! says:


  • Michael Best says:

    This video is further evidence that MKBHD is sorely disappointed with the
    Nexus 6; it only got an honorable mention. That being said I agree with
    most of his choices. Although my pick for best phone 2014 would go to the *OnePlus
    One* – I guess its limited availability was its Achilles Heel. 

  • MrLaeddis1 says:

    iPhone is the best. Why is it that when you see a celebrity with a
    smartphone, it’s an iPhone? My iPhone 6 is the same as most multi
    millionaire’s phones. Your Android runs the same OS as poor African school

  • DetroitBORG says:

    Fantastic video Marques, love the format. 

  • Potato says:

    Look at all these pathetic Android peasants. They just can’t deal with the
    fact that Apple Devices are just better than their peasantry devices. Laggy

  • Sean Williams says:

    I know you prefaced your ” Best of 2014 ” award ” with, ” this is just my
    opinion “, but when you said the HTC M8 gets the win, I just about
    projectile vomited all over my monitor. I thought for sure you were going
    to say the Note 4. I’ll preface this with, This is just my opinion and
    developed this opinion by using the M8, its an awful device. Its super
    slippery, the lock button being on the top right I think is the least
    ergonomic place possible to put the lock button, I think the inch of wasted
    space (speaker, big ugly black bar with nothing but “HTC” on it, onscreen
    buttons then your dock buttons) before you get to usable screen real estate
    is ridiculous, It is too tall and narrow, the ultra pixel whatever camera
    is a bust ( with rumors that HTC is going to ditch the idea altogether on
    the M9 by using a traditional camera sensor ) taking away the ability to
    have OIS. Really the only thing going for the M8 that I can think of that
    was better than the M7 was a removable sd card slot. You couldn’t pay me to
    use an M8 as my daily driver. With that said, people are going to hate on
    this comment, but this is how I feel about the M8 after using it. FWIW, my
    daily is a Note 4, only reason the Note 4 is my DD over the Nexus 6 is
    because the Note 4′s camera software is simply better. 

  • okashi10 says:

    Great content as always. You’re the best YouTube tech reviewer out there.
    Keep up the great work and looking forward to watching you for another

  • svfutbol20 says:

    I wish he reviewed the regular Z3. I have one and it’s far better looking
    than anything on the market, completely waterproof, front facing speakers,
    HUGE battery, very thin, mature design, 32gb stock and micro sd, aluminum
    frame, amazing camera and did I mention it’s sexy? Wish TMobile got the
    other colors…

  • Jasper Linford says:

    +Marques Brownlee I think the Xperia Z3 deserves to be one of the best
    smartphones of 2014 considering its premium build quality, kick ass
    battery life and front facing speakers. 

  • Salah Ahmed says:

    This massive new video is live – The 1 stop shop for the best of what came
    out this year!

    *Smartphone Awards: 2014!*

    Feel free to +1/Share if you enjoy!

  • Tom Dauria says:

    Couldn’t disagree more, if it has touchwiz then it’s last place in my book

  • Saso Stoilevski says:

    Damn marques U sold your honest opinion very fast. For best camera phone u
    didn`t even mention Nokia Lumia 1020 by far the best camera till this
    moment. People expect honest opinions about the products you represent not
    just opinions you get paid to give. Should be ashamed misleading people
    that respect your opinion – your subscribers. first of all 1020 has OIS and
    best low light shots second 4k is useless because u can shoot 5 minutes top
    and u overheat the device and third try to compare any quad core phone with
    dual core 1020 u will see that the difference is less than 1 second the
    only big difference is pic 2 pic time only because 1020 saves 38 & 5 mPix
    pictures Quad Core processors r only for marketing also same as quad hd
    displays (z3 compact has no Quad hd and U still recommend it). I
    unsubscribe now

  • Kyle Way says:

    Couldn’t be happier with my +HTC One M8 after the most popular Smartphone
    reviewer on the planet ( +Marques Brownlee) called it his choice for best
    smartphone of 2014.

    Seriously, I love this phone and it’s build quality. It’s always snappy and
    never laggy. And BoomSound speakers are unmatched.

  • saadmahmood65 says:

    The Oneplus One will be available to consumers in Q2 2015(Feb/March time).
    Trust me, this phone is worth the wait, I have it and it does everything
    that I want it to do(Gaming, music, browsing, everything). You name it, it
    does it, and damn well better than some other phones on the market that are
    way more expensive. The Cyanogen mod that it has boosts performance by a
    mile, and lets you customize anything, up to the point where you can
    customize the boot animation of the phone! The only negative thing I’d have
    to say would be that, the black version of it(if scratched) will show the
    scratches and they are quite visible, so just be sure to buy a case as soon
    as possible.

    Cheap price(£279/$436), amazing quality, fast processor(Snapdragon 805),
    the Oneplus One has to be my favorite phone of 2014!

  • Brian Patrick van Oers says:

    “For your mom I recommend the iphone 6 especialy if you have a budget to
    work with” huh?!? Let me repeat: huh?!? Yeah $800, that’s cheap!

  • Alex Hall says:

    A message to Sony and Blackberry. YOU’VE GOT NO FANS!

  • Randy Tasajaya says:

    This time I don’t agree with all of Marques’ statements. I don’t know, for
    me Marques doesn’t really sound that honest in this video, like he’s trying
    to really justify his statements just to get more fans. So like, in his
    last videos, he isn’t really a tech-geek anymore, he’s more like a
    marketing / political person. His judgement isn’t really that neutral /
    original anymore, not really based on all aspects that are neutrally
    equally well-portioned. I do even find that Marques just follow the trend
    of people, with other words, to get more fans. I have to say it’s so
    disappointing… But hey, it’s only my opinion. Maybe he’s too busy with
    his university life and is so much under pressure to produce many videos;
    however I’d still love to see an original mind. But so is the real world
    right, you don’t easily get original minds, people are blocked with trends,
    with the opinions of other people that aren’t necessarily true, with money,
    and so on… Marques, if you read this, consider my words.

  • giorattin1 says:

    1- iPhone 6
    2- HTC ONE M8
    3- iPhone 6 plus
    Special mention: Xperia Z3

    ALL the rest are pure crap. 

  • Fly says:

    The invite system for the 1+ is what killed it for me. I understand having
    an invite system for maybe a month or so, but this shit took forever. No
    longer interested. 

  • Ser Ferdinand says:

    No lumias in “normal” categories?? Really? Fucking HTC m8 ? what about 935??
    man, I thought you knew better
    oh wow.

  • Yan Is says:

    HTC One M8 it is.

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