Josh reviews the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Perhaps one of the best Android phones of 2014? Buy from Amazon: Check out the full written revi…

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  • Android Authority says:

    Just a heads up, everyone, the WWE app was streaming that video using 4G,
    which caused the video stutter. Just thought I should put that out there.
    Hope you’re all enjoying the review! – Josh

  • irdi basha says:

    I dont even understand how the 6 plus is comperable to this

  • Android Authority says:

    The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 review is officially live!

  • Ryan Zeigler says:

    Can’t wait!

  • Nic_Nak_Nic says:

    I really don’t understand… How a 5.7″ phone is smaller then the iPhone6
    plus, has more physical features, a nicer look and better software feature
    but yet is still being sold less then the iphone6 plus (or 6 in general)…
    Simply doesn’t make sense to me

  • Taz Hoque says:

    1st English note 4 review, can’t wait till I get to play with one myself.
    Still up in the air about whether to keep a small phone and a tablet or
    sell the tablet and replace phone and Tablet with this. Got a nexus 7 (2nd
    gen) so doesn’t make sense to have a almost 6″ phone and a 7″ tablet. 

  • Sir Ivn says:

    +Android Authority Samsung said that the battery can charge up to 50%
    battery life in 30 minutes not 75%. Watch the Samsung Episode 2 keynote
    event at IFA 2014

  • Darrin Rich says:

    I really like the look of the Note 4 and am considering getting one. But
    I’m always let down by Touchwiz and have a feeling I will be once again
    with this.

  • rob james says:

    iphone 6 plus or galaxy note 4 which is best?

  • 이우종 (Woojong) says:

    Looks like I’m switching teams.

    Hello Samsung :D 

  • mayiandjay says:

    Great phone and features but for the average user this is overwhelming!
    Even tho I am NOT an iPhone fan, I think this is why Apple excels. Apple
    focuses on what’s needed, again for the average user. In the other hand,
    for those who like tweaks and customizations this is cake!

  • Adam Olympia says:

    One thing I don’t mind is android fans preferring android, no big deal..
    But something I see a lot of android fans do is lying about how much more
    software is available on them:
    To those who do this, Why do you lie through your teeth? If you prefer
    android, that’s ok. But don’t lie about it. Everyone knows or SHOULD know
    that iOS has way more apps. Where is Bioshock, hearthstone, Star Wars
    kotor, world of tanks , etc etc on android? Oh yeah. They are only on iOS.
    Name one major app or game that’s on android and not on iOS.. Just one.
    Prove to everyone you aren’t lying,, we’ll be waiting…and waiting…and
    And that’s just the games.. If you want to see a HUGE contrast between the
    platforms, look up the pro audio software on iOS. Android has basically
    zilch in comparison, where Apple has major audio companies like Korg,
    Native Instruments, Roland, moog.. Go do a YouTube search for Korg IMS-20
    or Moog animoog to see what iPads can do that android will NEVER be able to

  • Alexandru Chiciuc says:

    This is a smarthphone for someone who actually needs it for work.
    If your smartphone usage doesn’t go beyond Facebook, YouTube, Viber and
    google search and maps.. you have no need for this phone and you have no
    way to truly appreciate how advanced it’s software is, bedside its awesome
    I am a note 3 business user… and i use it for everything, i know it
    inseide and out and the new stuff they added really appeals to me… Which
    means i am probably gonna make an effort and get it…

  • Stephen Ambruzs says:

    I applaud the design refinements, but this seems mostly like increased
    gimmicky software and a higher dpi screen that no one wants or cares about.

  • Tony Stark says:

    The Moto G is smoother and faster than the Note 4 lol

  • King Crawford says:

    On the fence with this and the iPhone 6 plus. Please help me make a
    decision! Only reason why I have an iPhone 5 is because it did things
    faster than the S3 and the OS on the S3 was super laggy while the iPhone
    was fluent and quick. Does the Note 4 fix these problems or are they still

  • Ammar Shauqi says:

    Great review from +Joshua Vergara . The Note line is the only line from
    Samsung that I’ve always looking forward to. Its specs was always better
    than the ‘S’ line with additional features such as the S Pen. But don’t get
    me wrong, I’m still a person love Nexus devices and stock android

  • ryuman757 says:

    This can’t come out any quicker! I can’t fucking wait >v<

    I also wanted to ask: What's this "alternate model" with the beefed up
    processor you spoke of? I already pre-ordered the phone, so I kind of feel
    cheated if there was a way for me to get my hands on a more powerful
    version :( 

  • yojgee says:

    If Samsung sticks with 1080p screen, this Note 4 will definitely be the
    battery king.

  • Charles Harris says:

    ehhhhhhhhhhh still cant bring myself to buy a samsung phone touchwz is just
    icky to me and also the worst past the fucking size fore gods sake 5.7
    inches?………………….no il buy a tablet if i want that type of size
    and who the hell can hold that lol besides pro football and basketball
    players you’d need gorilla hands to hold that lol


    but none the less the phone is amazing and the specs are great 


    Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Review!:

  • Parshwanath DP says:

    Most of the features can easily passed on to Note 3, but Samsung will not.
    This attitude of not giving features to the previous capable phones will
    create a big dent in their business. Instead of building brand loyalty,
    they are ruining themselves by creating frustration with existing

  • Simon Riley says:

    might sound silly, but… Is now a good time to look at note 3? Still great
    phone, now cheaper cause of the note 4 release. I have my good ole HTC
    sensation, and idk should i look for a new phone, or wait a bit more?

  • Mitchell Sanchez says:

    Samsung is stupid. The next big thing is here is fuckin stupid. They cud
    come out with a new product 3 days in a row n each day they’d say the next
    big thing is here. It stkl sux jus like an android. They’ve made hove many
    of the s’s the passed 2 years lol

  • Estio504 says:

    watching this on my 6 plus while using my note4

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