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25 Responses to “Nexus 6 vs. OnePlus One: Battle For The Best Unlocked Android”

  • Tech101 says:

    Wheres Jon

  • Zuriaf Ali says:

    U crazy?..1+1 got no lag asshole!!


    Got DAT 1+ great phone bad camera you need to change the mode everytime
    because auto mode is bad 

  • Geoff S says:

    This is guy is terrible, sorry Mark..

  • Stev3 says:

    Might have to leave my Nexus 5 for the 1+…

  • 5yndicate16 says:

    I’ve owned the OnePlus for over a month and can assure you that there is 0%
    lag. Use the phone before reviewing.

    OnePlus running CM12 (Android L)

  • Jeremy Kyle says:

    If it wasn’t for the invite system I’m convinced the OnePlus One would be
    the best selling Android phone on the market right now. It has everything
    you could want in a high end phone, unparalleled customisation and its
    extremely cheap when compared to its direct rivals. 

  • MrLaeddis1 says:

    Every non nexus android phone after 2 years: irrelevant
    Every iOS device after 3-4 years: still getting updates and not nearly as
    laggy as an equivalent android

  • Abdiel James says:

    Steps to get the One plus one today

    1) go to the website
    2) choose your colour
    3) click “buy”

    And people are saying “So hard to get a Oneplus one bro”.
    Oh and BTW it took me 10 minutes to get an invite. Invites are everywhere
    so stop complaining.

  • itsmmm says:

    Nexus 6 is way better!

  • EMAX (boyejoboy) says:

    idk why everyone is complaining that the nexus 6 is huge, when two years
    ago, the Samsung galaxy mega came out…which is even bigger

  • Erik Torres says:


    Snapdragon 10 3Ghz 64bit
    4Gb of Ram
    5.7in 4K display

  • Alfa Romeo says:

    +TechnoBuffalo Sorry but that review or comparison or whatever you call is
    just junk. You are comparing 1+1 with a phone that is more that 50%
    expensive. You didn’t talk about each one’s benefit for average user? you
    just went back and forth between the two and then you randomly chose nexus
    as a better phone! you didn’t talk about battery life!? There are numerous
    GOOD phones on market but if you always need to be connected to charger
    then what is the point! I personally had Nexus 6 for sometime and battery
    life was junk and the phone was unusable. Also, how you compare Snapdragon
    801 and 805? what are your criterias?

    I am really sorry but I am an “average user” and I find your reviews
    completely junk and misleading comparing to other YouTube channels (like
    MKBHD and Linus). I always tried to stay away from C-Net because their
    reviews were biased and unfortunately you are becoming like them and I am
    finding your reviews biased too.

    After more than 4 years subscribing to your channel, I don’t trust your
    reviews anymore more. I am sorry. unsubscribed …

  • Tomas Santos says:

    You guys here 2k display and automatically pick over the oneplus one. And
    now you guys think 1080p is for the average person. 2k isn’t such a big
    deal unless you run all videos in 2k and love reading zoomed out 50%. 1080p
    is still awesome display I would choose the oneplus on over the nexus six
    any day. Nexus is huge and I would rather have a 4.7 screen over any
    phablet due to the fact two hands to handle a phone is getting ridiculous. 

  • Majd Alsado says:

    Lets see, OnePlus One : Chinese Company, Invite Only, Screen Problems right
    from launch day still not fixed
    Nexus 6: Motorola (Google), nuff said.

  • David Thomas says:

    I know what this guy reminds me of now, one those humans off Squidbillies
    on Adult Swim, that don’t have any facial features, just blob head with
    eyes and a mouth

  • Tro Tube says:

    This guy is awful. ugh. long term subscriber unsubscribing. let me know
    when this fat prick is off this channel. 

  • RaveAramashi says:

    Running CM12 Lollipop Unofficial Build on my One and things are silky
    smooth just like that Nexus 6. And battery is muchhhhh better now

  • Guilherme Cruzatto says:

    So basically the major disadvantage of the OPO is the ordering system
    (which has nothing to do with the actual phone itself)?
    Sorry, but I’m not convinced by your comparison.
    You guys just feel embarrassed about endorsing Oneplus because of their
    unprofessional invite system, admit it.

  • SentinelPrimek says:

    4 days with the One Plus One?! Mine only lasts 20hrs in standby with 4hrs
    of on screen time. I browse on Facebook, Twitter, go on Hangouts, and watch
    Youtube. Please give me some battery saving tips. Also, I usually don’t
    have a sim card in there so it’s only on wifi most of the time

  • cop con says:

    recently, technobuffalo include TOO MUCH and TOO LONG ads in their video.
    Sorry but I am going to unsubcribe

  • Radicario says:

    NEXUS 6 HAS NO FLASH???? wtf

  • chopcookies says:

    Unsubscribed because oft this dude

  • Henry Liu says:

    mAh: milliamp hour, NOT milliamp per hour

  • Kiran Chandra says:

    Anyone here want an One Plus One invite? I have 5 first come first serve.
    Comment here. Invite Counter: 5 Left.

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