Motorola Moto E review after testing it for 20 days, the Moto E dual-sim is a budget oriented android phone sporting a 1.2 Ghz dual-core processor with 1 GB RAM and I give you my review of…

24 Responses to “Moto E In-depth Review is it the best Budget Android Phone”

  • Geekyranjit says:
  • nayair Malik says:

    Y so many dislikes please like this video

  • Pratik Apte says:

    Great video sir dont know why the dislikes 

  • sudhiir reddy says:

    which color for the back cover on moto e and moto g looks good, Can you do
    the review on the back case colors for moto e and moto g, and which color
    do you like on them ….?

  • sudhiir reddy says:

    Do some different reviews sir, it is little bit of carried away now, one
    review per device is enough…Do something like themes and launcher reviews
    in the break rather repeating second time review.

  • Ranjit Kumar says:

    Moto E In-depth Review is it the best Budget Android Phone

  • praneeth kalidindi says:

    First i was shocked to see the dislikes….knowing Ranjith from long time
    and how much pain he takes for giving Best Reviews to us,surely dislikes
    would be from some fools

  • Parul kaundal says:

    Sir I think dislikes are because u already have said everything on ur
    unboxing video…but still nyc video sir thnx

  • JUSTECH says:

    Awesome video sir! 

  • LEGENDARY2030 says:

    why all this dislike !!

  • E U P H O R I A says:

    Hi sir . I always had this question about how can we add more homescreens
    except moving an app to the end of the left screen?

  • Muhammad Ibrahim says:

    The people who are disliking this video are nuts.
    I mean cmon people. Ranjit Sir does so much for us he buys products by his
    own money to review it for us & always gives his honest opinion. Learn to
    Respect his hard work.


    Great video sir………20 stupid peoples dislike this video for
    shame on you guys..but sir u rockzzzz…..

  • Smith N says:

    Wish I could give you 10 likes……

  • Pramit Hate says:

    did it freeze anytime while reviewing since you purchased it? how to force
    restart the phone if this happens? I have a SGS2 and it can force restart
    by holding power button for 10secs. is there any feature in this phone? I
    want to gift moto e to my dad on his bday in july.

  • vs shyam says:

    +Ranjit Kumar And at last! :-) ty sir

  • nagaraju kalva says:

    before 2013 i always used gsmarena, phonearena…..after mid 2013 my day
    starts with geeky ranjits tweets and ends with his reviews…..u r great
    sir….we love your work

  • Dhananjay Singh says:

    I liked you review very much and it helped me lot .moto e is a great
    smartphone and I don’t know why those people dislike it and thanks for this
    review . Can you also do review on the customisation of moto e with the
    help of nova launcher .

  • Aftab Shaikh says:

    Please help with phone should I consider I phone 4s8gb motox or xperia sp
    or any other u consider phone should have good camera n gaming 

  • archit gemi says:

    Sir I have a netgear wireless access point ( so no DHCP server) and my ISP
    gave me just an IP address . Now I am able to connect only
    one device through the access point by manually entering the IP address.
    Can I connect multiple devices by entering some specific IP address
    manually in each device ? ( i tried changing d last part of IP address 125
    to various numbers but that didn’t work )

  • navneetsodhi991 says:

    Igyaan stop making new accts nd dislike real reviews of devices

  • Vikrant Bhamare says:

    Moto E In-depth Review is it the best Budget Android Phone

  • Dhananjay Singh says:

    Give a review for micromax unite 2 also

  • Siraj Shah says:

    just work on your slang and u will be rocking

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