Using the free Avast mobile security for android you can set the Mobile tracker and anti-theft options on your android phone and I show you these features in…

25 Responses to “Mobile tracker / anti-theft for Android phone with Avast”

  • Ajo Alex says:

    @geekyranjit which is the best app to lock desired apps like
    messaging/contacts/whatsapp etc?

  • neo301208 says:

    as I do if I forget my password avast? urgee me please

  • Seth Tucker says:

    who do you text it to?

  • mallowandpillow says:

    What if the phone stolen was turned off by the thief?? Can I still track
    it? Thank you.. :D

  • Lavenderrose73 says:

    I have Lookout that makes my phone scream, or Lock/Wipe (if I had premium),
    but I couldn’t log in until much later when I’d already reported it lost or
    stolen and had it deactivated. Moreover, next time I got onto YouTube, I
    had 2 purchases in my inbox for movies I never rented (made me realize my
    phone must have been stolen and I didn’t just misplace it in my apartment).
    Oh man, I reported and requested a refund, alright… at the top of my
    lungs! Then I changed a bunch of passwords!

  • kausinew 30 says:

    Vivian Fernandes does it need internet connection

  • brongboy08 says:

    Ranjit what am i entering in the “To:” field of the sms msg? This would
    have to be the active sim’s number? But my question if so would be this,
    What if the sim is removed immediately, does this leave the efforts of this
    security app void? (i know based on the settings if a new sim is placed
    into the phone the app will respond accordingly)

  • MWCompfreak1 says:

    Can you also show it on the Website?

  • Indu .d says:

    need help …its very urgent i have got my new sony xepria z model phone
    and i had installed avast anti theif and virus software in it ….i had
    removed my sim now…….its shows me an sound alarm like ur mobile has
    been theif or stolen ….and its asking me to enter avast pin number i
    found it ….now how to recovery it …without giving that code i cant
    access any thing in my phone….plz help in how to recovery this problem…

  • Nikhil devashish says:

    my idea sim with mobile is stolen can you please track is no 8889463899
    please .email

  • DanielR305 says:

    Cont hint forever without my tracker app also if you have a new mobile that
    can have a tracker and you haven’t registered for one and you have not got
    a insurance yr mobile insurance company will be far more difficult too
    claim your fone has been stollen otherwise as these days insurance
    companies are aware they r being fobbed off by a sm few and make false
    calms their fines have been nicked when they haven’t hence why with most
    new mobiles now there are trackers apps available so download yrs!

  • Prakash Tatipakala says:

    best anti theft app for android?

  • Harvin Encinares says:

    excuse me sir, what is the simcard of the thief has no load? will it still
    send a message to my friends trusted number i’ve assigned in the avast anti
    theft????hope youll answer my question

  • Advocate Kumar Goutam says:

    what if fon no. changed or software formated….

  • Advocate Kumar Goutam says:

    the best option is still detect by IMEI no.

  • chidike iheukwumere says:

    i cant remember my anti-theft password, pls help

  • Ramesh Punjabi says:

    dear sir aap apne titorials hindi mai kyo nahi banate

  • Lakshan siva says:

    my phone got stolen and I installed these applications but I cant track my

  • keshav kk says:

    Hey Ranjit i just want to know that when thief factory rest my phone or
    just put new rom or custom rom on my phone the how this app useful bcoz it
    gets uninstall all installed app or even os so is there any way to lock the
    root usage anything like that… Plz give a reply thanks

  • Joydip Dutta says:

    can u plz tell me which app is showing the weather info n battery ON YOUR

  • Angel Espino Morales says:

    Hi! What if the robber turn off the cellphone? (my cellphone has avast
    antitheft premium version)

  • somen shetye says:

    How to steup

  • somen shetye says:

    How to steup

  • eng Raghad says:

    How can i cancel it after forget the password..

  • wilburpereira says:

    World’s first anti theft smart phone with embedded tamper proof hardware. A
    phone inside a phone.

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