Kyocera went BEAST MODE in building the Brigadier, and they’re only the second company to use Sapphire Crystal for their display. After using the Brigadier for a couple months, let’s chat about…

15 Responses to “Long-term Review: Kyocera Brigadier – The Best Android Phone of the Year?”

  • JuanBagnell says:

    Long-term Review: Kyocera Brigadier – The Best Android Phone of the Year?

  • Kalsonic says:

    I really like how analogue this phone is!

  • Leo Massey-Dickson says:

    Look’s damn awesome for the price! I am a MTB’er so my G3 gets muddy and
    scratched ( I have gave up protecting it) :p May buy something like this in
    the future!

  • Arben Daci says:

    Great video really and i agree why other companies like Apple do not
    produced phones like K.Brigadier because i hate when phones launch’s and
    you have to buy case and screen protectors this phone show that even others
    firm’s can do same.

  • Dominick D'Ottavio says:

    What do you think about the Blackberry Passport?

  • Mohamed Hijazi says:

    I’d get the phone if it had a better processor. Because I want a phone that
    is durable but can be used to play most games on the market

  • warren kelley says:

    Excellent review, excellent phone! Just wish Verizon would enable APN

  • Akuserarēta Lumia says:

    Im with you on the one-device-fits-all mentality, why can I get a phone
    with high end specks, crazy camera and a big ass battery, very small
    bezels, and some moderate thickness (I don’t like crazy thin)

  • Eric Drummond says:

    wow great video does kyocera have a 5.0 inch version of this phone?

  • Eric Drummond says:

    the rough phone for everybody and at a decent price check it out 

  • Firdaus Edymainoe says:

    Made in Malaysia? But I’ve never seen that phone here (in Malaysia). Lol.
    By the way, great review as always.

  • thesmileynoob says:

    TOUGH REVIEW!!!!! :)
    Nice review. 

  • Juan Carlos Bagnell says:

    No joke. This might be the best Android *Phone* of the year. Kyocera went
    absolutely beast mode with the Brigadier. Let’s take a look. 

  • John Chier says:

    John from Kyocera here. Great, thorough and fair review, Juan! You nailed
    it. Have to add that the screen works not only when it’s wet, but also if
    you’re wearing gloves (up to 3mm thick). Great for jobsites or cold
    weather. And that $400 price tag is actually $99 (with a contract) at
    Verizon. Stay tuned for more rugged phones from Kyocera!

  • Tarek Ahmad says:

    “If you need to, you can take a phone call with ear plugs in! THAT is
    ridiculous!” +JuanBagnell my favorite part of the video by far. The way you
    said it was perfect because it also blows my mind.

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