LINE , Free Calls & Messages. ( LINE CORPORATION ) With this app you can make free calls, video calls, texts, send files, etc.And all this is for free. In th…

25 Responses to “LINE App for Android Phones – ( How to Download , Install , Configure, Call and Chat with LINE ).”

  • Joshua Daniels says:

    Line ID TeamFaded711

  • sruPL-CastleClash says:

    I am old Line user, I had to sent my phone to service, I guess they will
    delete everything from my phone, before I had no option to use email adress
    and password I cannot recall it, I tried my email and password, it says
    wrong password and I tried to recover password on email but I got nothing,
    even in SPAM. So I guess I didn’t put my email because Line didn’t ask me
    about that. I have all my chat logs saved on SD card, can I restore my Line
    account if my phone system was re-installed?

  • Shonay says:

    What makes this different from or better than Skype?

  • Michelle Tan says:

    Hi, I just changed my phone. Now I can’t login to register because login is
    restricted due to repeated failed attempts. I had changed my new password
    already but blocked. What should I do now? Please help. 

  • Funnyvidsforyou52 says:


  • s h A h A s A l I says:

    Is it possible to add a person in LINE without having his moblie number…
    .like sending friend request by ID.

  • s h A h A s A l I says:

    Is it possible to add a person in LINE without having his moblie number…
    .like sending friend request by ID.

  • Poofy Jedi says:

    It says when I change my display picture that I can upload “.gif”s and
    other types of formats as a picture. I uploaded a .gif and it didn’t

  • ghij hhhhjhg says:

    Hi I don’t know how to answer a call on LINE. I click answer but it
    freezes. Also if I wanted to call one of my contacts who have gone on
    holiday do I just ring their normal number

  • Hikarustar825 says:

    I got a new phone and used LINE on it. I heard that LINE saves the contacts
    through your email, however, when I used my old LINE account on the new
    phone, all my contacts I added were deleted! Is there a way to get them

  • shining rose says:

    How are you recording your phones screen

  • Alina Wan says:

    My HTC Desire always gives me a “package file is invalid” sign whenever
    I’ve tried to download the app… <<

  • Lutfi Maulidi says:

    Add id line me:lutfistar

  • pinklover8020 says:

    I forgot my line password and its supposed to send me an email but I never
    got one yet . I signed up yesterday and literally forgot the password. 

  • abraham carino says:

    when will you add conference call on line app?

  • jazz1bro says:

    Tried to download line. Viber only shows up requiring credits purchased.
    What can I do?

  • Chris Thompson says:

    I can’t receive SMS text. How do I get verification code??

  • m J says:

    Why no voice call option of line messenger in windows phone 7.5 samsung
    omnia ? 

  • my paulsson says:

    Hi! I have problems with this app. I get notifications when people try to
    add me as a friend and when they are chatting with me but I cant answer or
    see them at all… It only says: “lets add some friends”. I have used the
    app before with no problems… Please help!

  • cleanversions ! says:

    Is there any way to know whether people are blocking you or not??

  • Fatimich F says:

    LINE App for Android Phones – ( How to Download ,… :

  • Sukkara Chan says:

    Check out these new stickers!

  • Dianne Cabilao says:

    I can’t found it were is the sitting network, 

  • i wuv cookies says:

    it wont let me download line it says “there is insufficient space on the
    device” :( 

  • Labib Saleh says:

    Bene bene 

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