HTC One M9 Review: HTC’s Best Android Phone 2015! Here’s my HTC One M9 review! The HTC One M9 has the best build quality of any Android phone I’ve used and this is HTC’s best Android…

25 Responses to “HTC One M9 Review in NYC: HTC’s Best Android Phone 2015!”

  • MatthiasChristiaens says:

    HTC One M9 looks like a great phone, but I’ll stay with my opo.

  • killuah says:

    Bad Camera, bad battery life = not interested. Id rather get the S6, G4 or
    the Z4.

  • BeginnersTech says:

    Love it man very enjoyable and great camera work. I’m holding my review in
    hope a fix for camera arrives as it let’s the M9 down so much

  • Pedrameke says:

    Very nice outdoor shots. Your videos are very very professional. You look
    like a 2mil sub channel. Today I realised I’m addicted to phones. I
    litteraly know the specs better then my studies (I’m 16). I couldnt stop
    watching any videos. Today I decided to only be subscribed to ONE channel
    and ONE channel only. From all the channels I could choose out of, TLD,
    MKBHD, TechnoBuffalo, … I chose your. Keep up the good work ;)


  • Android4life | Sahil says:

    Bro gr8 outdoor shots and beautiful review!

  • ColesAnimals says:

    Nice outdoor shots, great video, and good job!

  • Steven Rivera says:

    Yes I’ve been waiting! :D 

  • JO9OH4 says:

    Nice review Phil. I’m doing the carrier thing and getting mine on Friday
    through Tmo. I’m gonna be late to the review party for sure this time

  • Klas Lilja says:

    Great review of thr m9 if you have plans to maybe pick it up. HTC One M9
    Review: HTC’s Best Smartphone for 2015!:

  • Leon Carlos Lentz says:

    Every Review is breathtaking! I am every time so excited to watch a new
    video! Seriously!
    But anyways my father has the m8 and i want to buy a new phone! So thanks
    for the review! Helped me out a lot!
    Can you do a q&a for 3k? 

  • Francesco Sgnaolin says:

    Amazing video man, I can’t say anything about the editing.
    I must be honest, this year Samsung wins 10-0. Find an aspect where the M9
    is better, and tell us ;)

    See you in the next video! Bye !! :D 

  • theamazingtechman says:

    great video Phil and what size slider do u use

  • Felix Münsterer says:

    Great video You will have many subs in the futur

  • Leonardo Cruz says:

    What do you think about the Samsung S6?

  • NoVision Productions says:

    Gotta love NYC. The most random moments have to happen before you leave the
    city lol…And that saxophonist is always under that tunnel year round.
    Also surprised how empty the MET on the outside unless you went on a

  • Karan says:

    Damn it Phil your video quality is a blessing not to mention your audio. I
    feel as if you focused on the camera portion a bit to much and missed the
    BIGGEST part of the phone. How’s the call quality? Haha. But seriously
    slick video and it was a fast upload. Nice all around dude!

  • Ryan Schick says:

    Great job, Phil!

    The shots at the water fountain really looked great, and your review of the
    M9 was thorough, yet easy to digest. I really admire the fact that you can
    put out such high quality videos while working such a time-consuming job.
    How do you manage to balance it all? You are really turning this channel
    into something special, Phil. Please keep in touch on Twitter:@Schicky. It
    is always interesting to see what you are up to and catching up.

    Take care and enjoy springtime in NYC!


  • Tech Rebel says:

    Just one word

  • Matteo Badini says:

    The quality on your videos keeps getting better, I really love your reviews
    and the way you describe the feeling that the device produces. I’m looking
    forward to the S6 edge review, so see you there :) 

  • Jengis says:

    Nice review man. Even though I won’t be getting this phone since my upgrade
    isn’t due until next year, it’s still nice to watch reviews like this one.
    Hopefully if and when the M10 comes out next year, I’ll be getting that.

  • Chris Shao says:

    I dislike holding the phone naked. (slippery to me)

  • Akram Ahmed says:

    Great review , Thx a lot for sharing ;) 

  • Shimon Das says:

    Epic review man! Loved the outdoor shots :D
    It’s a shame how M9′s camera performs so badly. Here’s to hoping that HTC
    fixes it soon!

    Did you check out M9+ which finally got announced today? It is pretty
    badass :) 

  • Candice Petersen says:

    I have never used an HTC before , looks interesting! Great video :) 

  • Omer Choudhry says:

    Hey I heard htc came out with a camera update that improves the processing.
    What do you think about the update does it make the m9 worth it? Also how
    is the battery life compared to the m8?

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