HTC Desire 820 Dual SIM Review this is a mid-range android phone by HTC sporting some very impressive specs like a Octa Core 64 bit processor based on Snapdragon 615 chipset coupled with 2…

22 Responses to “HTC Desire 820 Review is this the best Mid Range Android Phone”

  • Ranjit Kumar says:

    HTC Desire 820 Review is this the best Mid Range Android Phone find out

  • deepak jain says:

    Plz sir tell me should I buy the sony Xperia c or not if not then why?

  • Sandy Ronaldo says:

    Sir please do the full review of Oneplus one… I am waiting for that from
    a long time!!!!

  • asmit chatterjee says:

    sir, as lg g2 is in good price snapdeal.. wont it be better to choose lg g2
    over any midrange smartphone?

  • diveek kitawat says:

    One Plus One is the best budget phone! 

  • Soumyajit Dey says:

    which device is good for gaming!!Tomorrow my dad was planning to bye this
    device for me ,but after watching this i am looking for other product .I am
    a heavy user and likes to snap many shots and play heavy game .Which
    device will u recomend under25k?

  • Sandesh Phate says:

    Sir please review Lenovo S8 tablet…

  • Vishal sundararajan says:

    sir, i don’t exactly understand how multitasking works in android because
    when i was playing asphalt 8 in my xperia l ,i received a call and the app
    was minimized .after i’m finished with the call and again switch to the app
    through multitasking tray the game starts from the beginning making all my
    game progress to lose .but this wasn’t happening with iphone .why is it?

  • alberto gorin says:
  • madhu chinna says:

    sir ,please can u try to post the post the reviews of videocon infinium

  • Gareth Whiteside says:

    I imported this phone to the UK from China. It’s a great mid range phone.
    One thing to note. There are two power saving options built in to the
    phone. On standard power save which keeps background tasks active, using
    dual sims, I get near 2 days. The extreme power save feature would most
    likely double that, but you loose access to background updates such as
    email and social media. Having a microSD on a HTC is a massive bonus as
    well unlike the “premium” M8 which does not.

  • lawry010 says:

    My take, too large to handle, two NANO sims….terrible. Not worth the
    price considering the availability and cost of after sales and support of

  • amit dutta says:

    heat is not a problem atall………………… iphone-6 also
    heated upto 52c

  • dilip sukumar says:

    Good review as always sir. Your review clearly shows that we should not get
    deceived by the looks & specs of the phone.

  • anmol bhardwaj says:

    Watching this on my oneplus one ….. Its the best phone ever… Got it
    from amazon just before it got banned … Micromax sucks .. 

  • CHAND KAPOOR says:

    I have problem in my a108 micromax phone gallery has been stopped
    automatically so how to solve the issue

  • TekhSquare says:

    This review looks absolutely amazing and definitely a lot professional. But
    who watches TheVerge video quality all the time. I rather miss the old
    GeekyRanjit type videos. :/ 

  • Taha Ali says:

    Hi. .. i like ur videos. I am a student and have a fixed budget of Rs 13500
    at max. Tell me the best between Micromax CANVAS GOLD and the MOTO G(2nd
    gen) both available for around 13000 online . Please reply .

  • Dinesh Kumar says:

    Which is the best mid rang phone for hard gaming

  • Farhan Rhein says:

    This is literally the best looking smartphone I’Ve ever seen omg. 

  • Mr Tutorial Guy. says:

    #Men In Black.

  • Atul Khatri says:

    Where is the oneplus one full review ??

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