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12 Responses to “[How-To] Wifi/Internet Setup and Basic Fix Option – Android Tv – MX Box”

  • Justin Malfara says:
  • GokuIsKing says:

    ive got a bit of a problem ive got an external harddrive 1 terabyte but
    when i plug it in my mx box it doesnt read it what seems to be the problem

  • DontCallMe Stephen says:

    hey im using the MX Box 4.2.2 version. I cant locate the ‘SettingsMBox’
    anywhere on my device. I have the regular settings, just not that one. Is
    there anywhere else i can locate these settings??

  • Dhappa Dawg says:

    Hey whats up im having a probl2m with my g box I tried watching a movie and
    it would not connect so I went to settings to see what the problem was it
    showed that im not connecting at all can somebody shed some light on my


  • mike roller says:

    hey what if it says “Refresh Access point… but doesn’t refresh the access
    point.. Also I tried plugin in the Ethernet and it will not pay any
    videos… what should I do…

  • adrian foad says:

    hi can any onr help me just got a mx android tv box but it all seems to be
    in Chinese can any one tell me how to change it to English ???

  • jarrod raymond says:

    hi i have a problem my mx box cant seem to play and movie apps plzzz

  • Gordy Desjarlais says:

    my wifi will not turn on ,how do i remedy

  • Gordy Desjarlais says:

    bluetooth on off button works but does not when pushing it for wifi.Help

  • Paul Friel says:

    How do u get a wireless mouse to work on MX Android box 4.2 OS

  • JJARRIN81 says:

    Why can’t I put my WiFi on????

  • gerryxuk says:

    Hi, thanks for the video’s guys, My question is to do with replacing the
    app short cuts on the MX Box home screen with others. I can not figure how
    to do it, can some kind person put me out of my misery ;) It’s most likely
    simple. Never had a android device before.Thanks

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