Is your Android device running slow? Is your Android device overheating? Are you a power user that wants to squeeze every morsel of power out of your device …

25 Responses to “How to Speed Up Your Android Phone – Android App Review”

  • xdadevelopers says:
  • vincent mag-isa says:


  • Devon Farley says:

    What is the name of your wallpaper?

  • Steve's Videos and Reviews says:

    I got a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7″ last week and its so much faster than my
    ACER A500 with OMNI rom android 4.4.4. I havent found any reason to want to
    make it any faster because its already really fast.

  • hackerzpro2k14 says:

    dirty nail :D 

  • Michael John Battista says:

    cpu control

  • Ivan Tadić says:

    I am really sorry if this comment seems mean. The title of the video is a
    bit misleading considering the fact that this control doesnt make your
    phone faster, just gives you the insight of what is using your cpu the
    most. I have nothing but the respect and love for everyone in xda forums
    and videos. I just think that the video title is bit misleading.

  • Prattham says:

    Hey T. K.
    i was wondering since a long time ago i have been watching your videos and
    you really have nice setup on your device
    so will it be possible for you to make a whats on my android video?
    we would love that

  • blueman24 says:

    DAT Samsung tho

  • Sonu03785 says:


  • faBX6rAk6JTaQBZr says:

    Wow that is one ugly app, hehe.

  • rohan bhoir says:

    nice app :D using MIUI ,,,,but cpu monitor is using more cpu than anyone :p
    total 27 % cpu in use,,,,from that cpu monitor using 12 % :p

  • Ryan Stansbery says:

    The is ugly I could never put it on my nexus 5

  • trav perk says:

    I almost slipped into a coma listening to this guy. Can you say boOoOring!!

    And ugly as F app. I wouldn’t dare tarnish the beautiful look of my Nexus 5
    with that nasty looking app.

    And like another brother here said in the comments “DAT Samsung tho” ..
    >>hey TK, come on man, get a Nexus 5 already, what are you thinking!?! ..oh
    but that would make sense why you would be so into Xposed modules, cause
    you cant do sh¡t with certain Galaxy Note3 models.

    and furthermore and henceforth, shave that pedo beard. Jeez Louize man.

  • Luis Carvalho says:

    I made a question about the z2 and never get an anser thank´s

  • bmx666bmx666 says:

    Linux command – top

  • BigSam DaFirst says:

    Nice icons,mind sharing or does anyone know the name? Thanks

  • CweeperHugz says:

    Is that a stuck pixel? ;-; Noooooooo!

  • hulkvsspawn says:

    Man, that grey came out of nowhere

  • Jules Archinova says:

    So basically, CPU monitor is the on eating the most CPU time and will burn
    the battery for you.

  • Luis O says:

    Guys this is nothing. Clean master is better and it has more features than
    this app. And its free without any adds!

  • Randolf Steve Gawat says:

    Ummm guys from xda can you help me because my Google play store keep saying
    No Connection I Tried All Shitty Stuff But Doesn’t Work Any Of Them Can You
    Pls Response…

  • Noningz says:

    This app might help us boost our mobile cpu…..

  • Ayman Nedjmeddine says:

    When it comes to this sort of things, I highly recommend the *Greenify* app *(
    **** )*

    It is a really awesome one! give it a try or maybe even a review, if you
    like it ;) 

  • Tom Little says:

    Just installed it. Will advise how well it does. U the Man !!

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