110 % working. True trick how to get more ram how to get more ram how to get more ram how to get more ram how to get more ram Its been long i am thinking to make Video on this topic ” How To…

25 Responses to “How To Increase RAM Internal Memory Of an Android Phone 101% working | how to get more ram”

  • aubrey hines says:

    Why dont this person answer ppls question i cant get into recovery mode i
    am using a lg ms323

  • Eric Fletza Gaming | Geometry Dash Fletzah says:

    Requiring root is not good, it will only make you loose viewers.

  • Jon says:

    Does this increase your RAM permanently or only when the memory card is in?

  • Rewind Creations says:

    what to do if we have swapper for root!! pls reply!!!

  • Nitesh Ladwa says:

    i cannot c the advance option so wat can i do for that ?

  • Md . Ashiqul Islam says:

    My phone does not have any officially CWM . Now how can i install CWM in my

  • alfred urena says:

    where are the links for the 2 files needed?

  • gokunex3 says:

    Enabling Swap(partiotion) FAIL
    swapon:/dev/block/mncblk1p2: Invalid argument
    What can i do?? Please help…

  • The Fox Army says:

    Cool, but I don’t understand, how does it work? SD cards are storage not
    memory so how does it convert this? you can do it the other way around, but
    how do you turn storage to memory? Also I have a 2GB RAM how much could I
    increase it by with this tool?

  • echolife188 says:

    SD Card 2nd Part is not found in “Link2sd”… Bar is empty with a message
    Not found…I have done all the above. Also It didnt prompted me to use
    Ext 2, 4 as shown in video

  • alok kumar Kar says:

    hey buddy please help me i cannot find the step by step things you told i
    am not getting the “advanced” button please help
    how i can get and which clockword recovery i will download for my phone
    samsung galaxy pocket neo GT-S5312 model

  • Mando mando says:

    what if i removed the SD card from my phone and back it after use the phone
    without SD card ?

  • Gurinder Singh says:

    cwm recovery doesn’t work on 4.4.2 what sould i do……

  • Lonnie Dobbins III says:


  • Karl Canady says:

    How To Increase RAM Internal Memory Of an Android…:

  • xxxtzoxxx says:


  • jhane fernandez says:

    I have a question .. when i do the step 1 .. Recovery Mode right.. then
    “advance” the “Partition SDCard” The problem is when i do that the
    “Partition sdcard is missing.. what to do?

  • Hugo Kidrs says:

    When i open the reboot mode theres no say advance.so i quite dissapointed
    with it thought

  • Luka Andrejević says:

    Why didnt you show this in practic on some phone??? I would like to know is
    ram incrised in settings in runing apps or not…

  • Kingshuk Paul says:

    Is it necessary to have class 6 or higher? cause my ext sd card is 16gb
    class 4 :/ Plz reply… thanx in adv. :) 

  • cid fan says:

    My S3 mini currently has 400-500 used of 800mb RAM is this considered good.
    My phone lags a bit while playing some games is there a way to make it more
    smooth. I don’t want to root my phone.

  • Abad Rehman says:

    Peoples concerned about rooting ( who dont want to ) simply install
    kingroot from browser… this will give only permissions to roorted apps to
    run… will not root ur phone… gd luck

  • DrScopeify says:

    This is not really adding RAM only creating a swap file which is only
    useful when your RAM runs out of space similar to “page file” on Windows.
    It will use the SD card instead of closing apps. This in the end will
    actually make your phone run slower because SD is much slower than RAM
    which is built in to the main board. The only option is to get a phone with
    more RAM, end of story.

  • beastmasterbg says:

    by doing this do you overclock the phone ?

  • Anushtoop Mazumder says:

    Can I use a Class 4 memory card?

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