In this video I will show you how to download psp game roms, install them, and while we are at it how to install, and setup PPSSPP properly so you can enjoy psp games on your android phone…

25 Responses to “How To Get PSP Game Roms On Your Android Phone or Tablet, And Install PPSSPP”

  • RetroMagnet says:

    Uhh, can’t we just plug in a USB into our pones connected with the pc and
    just move it..?

  • Adam Ahmed says:

    Mr Mobileking, In am using v0.6.9.2 of PPSSPP and there doesn’t seem to be
    an Atrac+ audio plugin option, when I run Crash Of The Titans, the audio
    seems very crackly, I don’t know if I am doing something else wrong but
    there isn’t an Atrac download in the Audio menu.

  • Nappa Carl says:

    Im having trouble trying to download winrar. I download it but my computer
    blocks it as it sees it as a threat. When i do restore it I cant find the
    file even after i placed the location to desktop

  • ExKoder says:

    what if you don’t have a micro sd?

  • CryWolfCookie says:

    Problem. I downloaded the game i wanted under general and when i extracted
    it they were pgs-mn documents not little WinRAR files. I have tried
    downloading the game file as compressed as well but I still get the same
    little documents

  • roflguy1155 says:

    Do have to download winrar

  • That Moment When says:

    I have a question,I’v done all this before but I just wanted to know can
    you do it straight from you phone/tablet without having to use a computer
    at all.

  • sean choy says:

    Plz help, I extracted the downloaded rar file and I did not get the list of
    rar files. What do I do?

  • Antuan L says:

    It says there is no data

  • Loki THE GOD says:

    What is the version of the phone sony xperia ?

  • TheMineationFTW says:

    Instead of a ISO file, it became a folder. Dafuq just happened?

  • Joshua Bryant says:

    I need help! Ive extracted rar files but instead of it being an iso file it
    just turns into another rar file… should I extract it again? Or what? Im
    confused at this point..

  • SidTheSloth says:

    I did the extract here part but after that I got the folder but inside
    there was a .sfv file and 6 files ending from .001-006

  • Jeremy McLain says:

    The rar I downloaded contained several files called v-elites, ppsspp does
    not recognize this as a game, and I have already tried converting the
    folder into an iso.

  • raeno serous says:

    i extracted it but turns ito a file. a rar file what should i do? when i
    open the folder their is noo files inside only EBOOT.PBP

  • The end C30 says:

    Will this work on lg optimus f6 android I wanna get resident evil nemesis

  • King Rock says:

    i would like to know if i can load psp games on my SD instead of the
    android device itself. cuz my device does not have enuff space for me to
    put on cso’s like smackdown that comes as a 919 MB file.

  • hidanone says:

    dankje wel kut :D 

  • LifelessPage270 says:

    I dident know stephen hawkin had a youtube channel, plays video games AND
    has an android phone.

  • Arif gilang Nugroho says:

    is it ok if I only got .cso files?

  • Huongxeng Chang says:

    i have no clue what to do, i have a macbook not a windows so how am i
    supposed to do this? 

  • chris boss says:

    No offense but did you ever smoke? It sounds like you have one of those
    speakers that people get when they smoke since the cigarette messes up
    there ability to talk.

  • DCDC2012 says:

    Tried all ur settings but gta is still slow

  • Hossain Salimi says:

    hey man! im so psyched for this! i can finally play my favourite games on
    android! but i was wondering what are the pro’s and con’s of downloading
    ppsspp. will this cause your phone to slow down over time? or to
    dysfunction? thanks :) 

  • SolemSaga says:

    ik zie dat je nederlands bent kheb een vcvraagje als ik de winrar bestand
    heb uitgepakt dann geeft ie me geen iso bestamd maar een rare andere

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