After fighting the problem of paying too much for my cell phone bill, I discovered a method that allows me to get Free Cell phone service on any IPhone or An…

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  • RashaadRahh says:

    I will upload the tutorial video showing exactly how to set up this method
    Soon! I’ll get it uploaded Faster if you guys comment and like the video
    showing me that people are actually interested to see how they can set this
    up for them selves. -Rashaad
    UPDATE: Download the Google Hangouts APP instead of the talktone app that i
    use in the video B/C This method will soon only work via that. The Hangouts
    App is WAY better than the one i mentioned ways so this is a WIN for us!

  • January Summers says:

    Hey… very kool. But look, I’m trying to connect my phone to my TV, so
    that I can watch movies or YouTube on a larger screen, what adapter do I
    need to get amongst the sharing app?? And where can we all get that little

  • trufe4 says:

    Snap.. It’s A$AP Fergs Nerdier brother, A$AP Ferd.

  • anthony king says:

    Good video but what year is this 2014 right and u still use a play station
    2 lmfao

  • Riley Weller-brown says:

    dose it work and a ipod touch?

  • mmookpaw soe says:

    Does it work on iPad Air

  • Paul Hetherton says:

    the PS2 in the back. do you have PS3 PS4 xbox?

  • Ricky Hogan says:

    great video

  • Grant Bedard says:

    Hey Rashaad- great video, and complicated little world we
    live in. I’m just trying to wrap my mind around this whole thing
    here and understand it. I’m going to start with getting VOIP telephone
    service to run off my computer–step at a time. I’m 60 yrs old and not
    that hi-tech but not to bad, and I’m learning. Don’t want to pay the
    phone co. $ 40.00 per month anymore, and if I can get my cell for
    free–like you say–that’s even better. I subscribed to your channel, and
    would like to see your tutorial video–how do I see it???
    You should also do a Youtube video–for us “dummies” that don’t know
    how to hook up and configure the VOIP systems–like where to plug in
    what wires, and into what connection receptacle. I’m 60 yrs old, so I’m
    not a hi-tech junkie here– but it’s worth it to learn, as you save big
    over the long run.( figure it out over 10 years)
    So great video, I do quite understand it all quite yet, but like
    anything else
    I’ll just have to learn it step by step, just like everyone else. I don’t
    even know
    what Google voice is right now, but I better find out. Are you going to post
    your next tutorial, maybe there should be a link after this Youtube video,
    your viewers can find it. My biggest problem next will be to try and figure
    out how to hook up all the wires for my VOIP. You know there’s a company
    in Canada that offers free phone calls with VOIP, and only heard good things
    about or their other company I also
    read guys saying good things about OOma. You have to be careful coz some
    companies are not that good-poor voice quality etc. I wish I could hire a
    smart guy like you to come to my house, and teach me all this stuff!!!
    BTW- I don’t even have a smart phone right now–I’ll have to get one.

    Thanks ( from Grant in Canada)

  • Esai Ramirez says:

    Thanks dude. I have an ipod touch and use text plus app for texting over
    wifi. I will get the freedom pop. Seems reasonable.

  • Vanimations says:

    Should I get a sprint no contract phone and set it up with freedompop, or
    get any phone and get the wifi hotspot

  • Nicenicejt Kibir says:

    Freedompop is only in the US right? I’m in Canada and I don’t think it
    works :( 

  • jordan robinson says:

    asap ferg’s brother

  • Savvymau5 says:

    when these phones used to brand new XD

  • Debbie Brooks Riffel says:

    I agree, I would love to have a nice cell phone but too much money in my
    opinion. i am concerned about these reviews, can you check them out and
    tell me what you think? Thank you so much!

  • LLEVNED says:

    good video i use to do this to but talkatone not working with google no
    more free fuck u talkatone

  • Russ trill says:

    +RashaadRahh thanks for this vid bro, getting my new iphone but dont wanna
    waste money on bills. Didnt know hangouts had calling, you can use pinger
    to textree btw but thanks for this

  • Donna Sosebee Amos says:

    How do I get the free Iphone5 man. I`ve tried ?

  • Shay Smith says:

    I think the way you talk with that lisp is so sexy… But gr8 video thou…

  • LLEVNED says:

    how long does this freedompop last u in about a month and does it add upp
    if u dont use it

  • shanty monroe says:

    Why do i have to send a invite to people if i want to text on google voice.

  • C lee says:

    So, I’m set up through hangouts on my sprint android phone. I’m canceling
    my cell service. When I set it up it wanted me to have an excising phone
    number. What happens if you don’t? Where do you send the codes to confirm
    your account?

  • bj woods says:

    :’( on my iphone 4 im trying to get free apps but there making me pay there
    saying that before you can make any purchases you must tap continue to
    verify your payment info.WHAT DO I DOOOOOOO D’: PLZ COMMENT WHAT TO DO PLZ

  • Tiny T says:


  • AllCubans says:

    Now Google charges for their service…

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