Adobe Flash Player on Any Android Powered Device – No Root Flash Player Working on Android Powered Smartphones and Tablets. Adobe Flash player for Android, N…

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  • Jonny Troche says:

    How to Get Adobe Flash Player on Any Android Device – UPDATED

    This is a updated version of my original how to video. In this video i
    cover a few things I may have missed and troubleshoot a few things that may
    keep the flash player from working on your device. Installed but still ask
    to update or install flash? Just wont download, or some other problem? I
    will try to fix it in this video.

  • NothingMuch HereToSay says:

    To anybody who uses Flash player on Android, I hate you all and I hope you
    understand why.

  • Rik Trik says:

    Sadly, I still have a crappy Samsung Galaxy Ace which will never run Flash
    no matter what you do. So this video is not true, you can’t run Flash on
    *any* android phone, I’m afraid.

  • Kennedy Dames says:

    What One Do U Recommend For an Huawei Ascend Y-210??

  • David Stevens says:

    Here’s what I had to do. I downloaded several browsers after watching
    several videos for my note 3. Nothing worked until i went to a page i
    wanted to visit using all browsers. UC browser kindly reminded me that the
    first option I chose on flash players was not compatible. It did not take
    me back to the page it prompted me to uninstall the player and update from
    their browser which is what i did. It then shows you flash is open by
    making even the most irrelevant ad appear with a video arrow you click to
    get the content. Since I didn’t want to mess around in settings when I
    realized all I needed to do was click the play arrow for any flash content
    I left the settings alone and now I have flash and i’m glad I took the time
    to find out how to do this. Nothing is perfect in the way people find out
    how to make things work…but following basic steps…if one can do it
    …so can you.

  • AQWjudimar D says:

    Is there a virus because when it said that warning when cheking I read it I
    was vary catious if you can give me a link to a antivirus I would gladly do

  • Avanna Carr says:

    I have a rca android 4.2 tablet. I’ve downloaded adobe flash player and
    dolphin browser. The pulls up and open but my work isn’t there. Help

  • Barry West says:

    Thanks it works on my Samsung Mega

  • Alpesh Parmar says:

    bro im having galaxy grand and suddenly my download option is now working
    when I click on down then it shows file is doing but it doesn’t download
    now even show download is started or not can u tell me what to do in this

  • Maja Pcelica says:

    How do I get adobe 11.8 for samsung 8.9 galaxy tablet?
    One of the programs I am using requires anything above 11.8 Adobe


    Problem parcing the package

  • TheOpzoomer says:

    I’m getting a window saying this is not trial time, upgrade now, what’s
    going on?

  • Tony Martin says:

    It’s amazing how many new Android devices are still being sold with an
    outdated version of the OS (Kitkat, a year later still only has 15%
    penetration), so yes, I can see how many of them can still run Flash, a
    software that hasn’t been updated in a couple years.

  • thunder bolt88 says:

    flash does not work in free version of puffin browser

  • amit sethi says:

    Hi i am having asus tab ME372CG ..i tried this but not succeed.I having
    chrome/default android browser plus dolphin which supports adobe & i
    checked the same with it after download…but not works.. i’m on JB 4.3 

  • Nezello says:

    you should do a little more research on what you recommend the UC Browser
    wants access to everything on your phone including email

  • laura vanderpol says:

    my tablet is version 4.1.2 i have no clue what one to pick (Samsung galaxy
    tab 3) 

  • Victoria Pratt says:

    Ok, before I begin…..THIS NEEDS CAPLOCKS…
    After installation I restarted my phone and it worked!

  • wattamutt says:

    Thank you! Thank you, thank you, it worked on my memo tablet. Thank you!

  • ari msp says:

    please help me i cant download it 

  • superstyler says:

    i was able to install as instructed on my Nexus 7 ver2. tried running in
    firefox but playing vids asked me to download the latest version of adobe.
    will try puffin browser. 

  • Androdian DATTA says:

    +Androdian Datta Sez: Thanks Jonny! I knew there was a resolution and
    you’ve saved my day

  • HelloDahling1 says:

    FYI… I HAVE A ASUS TABLET ME180 model: Kool. I didn’t have any problem
    downloading and watching movies from my Amazon account :-) thank you again.

  • lana bryant says:

    I just purchased galaxy s tab. Stm800. Is there a way to do flash player
    for Facebook games?

  • KikiCanDoIt says:

    Thanks bruh. Heads were about to roll. Worked on the first try…. Galaxy
    tab 2.

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