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25 Responses to “How to free up memory on your android device for free! no computer needed!”

  • jersey lizzy says:

    Not working for me either

  • William Bobbitt says:

    Talk to fast, slow down please!

  • I hate google says:

    I feel cheated, storage is very cheep this days and considering the prices
    for mobile devices … there should be a lot more storage or at the very
    least the amount specified on the package …

  • Coolio Sauce says:

    You should change the name of this video because a common misconception is
    that “memory” and “storage” are the same, but they are not. Memory is a set
    of pre-programmed binary codes kept in the RAM cards for easy or random
    access (hence the name “Random Access Memory”). These binary codes are used
    for things like displaying content from apps or operating systems. Storage
    on the other hand is used to keep memory permanently. It ‘stores’ data. I
    came to this video to learn to clear up my memory to speed up my phone, not
    to clear up my storage to store more data.

  • Shannen Johnson says:

    Thanks, I found this very helpful 

  • MorrisMedia says:

    Not helpfull i want to know how to fix it so i can install more apps and u
    say to install an sd app how can i when it says insufficient storage duh

  • nico nelson says:

    god cut ur nails

  • big murda says:

    Youre talking and telling people to stop downloading apps but your whole
    video is based on downloading 2 apps. Get the fuck outta here. Snake oil

  • speedy1lmt says:

    i have samsung galaxy trend gt-s7560. i can’t move to sd-card with Apps2sd.
    it’s said this phone not support sending apps to sd card!!! what i need to
    do? SORRY! for my bad english.


  • speedy1lmt says:

    the device does not have a real primary external storage or the primary
    external storage is emulated!! what i need to do?

  • pawprints1986 says:

    app2sd only moves to your internal sd aka the same thing you can do in the
    regular settings menu. Just saying.

  • diego chavez says:

    How do u root a phone i have a. Metro pcs android and i want to donwload
    moder combat 4 but the phone storage has 820mb available and my sd card has
    4gb i need help

  • Pamela D says:

    Not really helping. Can’t download even a cache cleaner never mind anything
    else. You talk fast and its hard to follow but thanks anyway

  • Pamela D says:

    Not really helping. Can’t download even a cache cleaner never mind anything
    else. You talk fast and its hard to follow but thanks anyway

  • Gary Sanson says:

    According to information I have received the transfer of apps to a SD card
    has now been blocked and now must stay on the device.
    Only games, music, images and videos can go to SD card

  • Avatarblackwolf says:

    I can already move apps to my SD card without root

  • Raven Potterskin says:

    App 2 SD deleted my apps widget…

  • sam mirkarimi says:

    Thank you so much
    You helped me a lot

  • jakulino magsalsal says:

    thanks dude

  • Daichi Hayashi says:

    It is rooted needed?

  • Graciela Sambrano says:

    How did you root your phone please tell me how I will make all my friends
    to like and subcribe your channel!!!

  • daniel cioclu says:

    it’s really working thanks very much,,:D

  • Ahmed yahhoo says:

    nice video but music too loud 

  • YasuoLast Breath says:

    Is this safe?

  • JonJonTha'Don says:

    The HTC Ui is so viciously ugly.

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