How to find your lost stolen missing or misplaced android phone. The first and best option is to go to googles device manager website.…

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  • Adam Bednarz says:
  • Christopher Zent says:

    it will not ring my phone

  • Erik Leon says:


  • Jose Velez says:

    all these feature to so call prevent theft is a joke. any android phone
    that is stolen has a hidden menu that only shows up before the phone boots
    up. let me explain, if your phone is stolen…all someone needs to is turn
    it off has soon has they steal it. this so call “kill switch” that built
    into the phone wont work unless the phone is no… Now let go back to
    stealing the phone. Now that the phone is off, all you have to do it press
    and hold three buttons. Volume up, the button located at the bottom of the
    screen and the power button. this will give you a hidden menu. In this menu
    all you have to do is select “wipe cache partition” and “wipe data/factory
    reset”. Now just select “reboot system now” and the phone will boot up and
    start like if it just came out of the box… now all you need to do is get
    odin and flash your phone and unlock it. of course you will a bad esn if
    your using CDMA…this can be fix by flashing the software and making a new
    esn from another active phone. if your using GSM phone all you need to do
    is swap sim cards and unlock sim. and the stolen phone is good go…so anti
    theft is a joke.

  • Chanz Holopainen says:

    any alternative apps for plan b? I lost my nexus 5 yesterday. He don’t
    answer my phone calls but my SIM is still ringing

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