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8 Responses to “How to Direct Download Android Apps on a PC With Google Play : Mobile Apps”

  • Cirrell Battle says:

    You could also just backup the app from ES File Browser and then move the
    backed up app to anywhere on your Windows PC.

  • trongod2000 says:

    personally I thought this video was awful. Perhaps it was enough info for
    a hacker but for the everyday person it left a lot of questions unanswered.

  • Kalle Sipilä says:

    Nice man! I have been struggling with getting the newest system apps on my
    custom rom (like quickpic) and i had to do it on my phone and transfer to
    pc, now I wont need my phone anymore, so you got a new subscriber

  • bryan esequiel says:
  • Sidney Mathious says:

    I am just getting use to the different apps for both my cell phone and
    Windows 8.1 computer. The only app I love so far is the Android apps for
    the bible which I use on my telephone. They seem to work fine, but the ones
    for my laptop computer sucks as I don’t want to be online using up precious
    time playing games or doing other things. I even purchased the Train
    Simulator program from a store and the program was downloading large
    updates on a daily basis and using up all my download time so I deleted it.
    I had never gotten to use the software and won’t use it now. They must have
    unlimited online usage in Europe where this was written. I enjoyed the
    information you described on downloading the apps.

  • christian sobber says:

    tad bit confusing though …………

  • Susan Kay says:

    Clear as Mud. U should practice B4U film- “The. . Uh. . . Uhm . . .errr.”
    So totally dif not get UR point here!

  • Renee Watson says:

    cant run with wins 8 rt systems ……

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