This is my video tutorial on how to backup and restore apps and data on any android phone or tablet (Galaxy S3, S4, Note 2, Note 3, HTC One & more) You do no…

25 Responses to “How to Backup and Restore Apps & Data on any Android Phone (NO ROOT)”

  • C4ETech says:

    Audio’s a bit effed up guys… little rusty… won’t happen again!!!

  • Décio Arruda says:

    Damn, all of that when I can just tap a button on iOS?!? iPhone forever
    man, I’m out!

  • Shrey Jalote says:

    The internal storage option, does it keep the data safe even after
    unlocking the bootloader or do I have to use cloud backup for that?

  • Adama BE says:

    i use a nexus 5 too but i can’t manage to update the drivers? is that a
    problem with my pc?

  • cleveland martin says:

    Does it back up game memory like if you had coins on a game or something?
    Someone please answer

  • OneBrokeBloke says:

    Video too long. Why install the program for PC, when u backup to internal
    storage and then move to PC? Why cant you just backup directly to PC? Seems

  • Gaming Cat says:

    HELP i tried backing up to internal storage and it said Backup Error what
    do i do?

  • iAnimationProduction says:

    Great video. But what is the point of connecting to PC to enable Helium if
    you just want to back up to external SD card?

  • mrgopro349700 says:

    who the hell knows how to back up pictures and contacts help me

  • Tushar Mehta says:

    helium doesnt allow restoring files after copying a folder out of a nexus
    device and back into it, and drive upload is only allowed for premium users

  • HUNTENT247 says:

    I just got through doing all of this… I thank you for this video, but I
    have everything saved in my “carbon” folder and when I enter my Helium app
    via my cell phone, it says that no backups were saved. I saved it as
    certain name before backing it up, or so I thought. Either way, it still
    should be recognized as a carbon backup folder or file, correct? I really
    hope I can solve this issue. I have my carbon folder saved on my computer.
    What’s the best way to retrieve the app data that I’ve saved?

  • dub dub says:

    im gonna root my phone maybe tomorrow but can it mess up my phone or
    something and why could it mess it up?
    sry im a noob at this and i really need help

  • dub dub says:

    im gonna root my phone maybe tomorrow but can it mess up my phone or
    something and why could it mess it up?
    sry im a noob at this and i really need help

  • Shubham Bhargava says:

    Is this necessary to install drivers for your phone?

  • Adella Morello says:

    we all should be aware of these things that most of us are simply unaware
    of. all you have to do is go to settings, App Manager, click on any app
    like Google Play services and you will see what I’m talking about.

  • SERDAROTmkd says:

    what about the desktop back up password…i set it three times and it
    prompts me again to set it…how to pass over this

  • Andrew Thinagran says:

    Thank you for a clear presentation. It works 19 Sept 2014.
    Samsung GT-I9305 Android 4.1.2

  • Ritish Verma says:

    Plz Help!
    When I copy the Carbon folder back onto my Nexus 5, and load the Helium
    App. It does not show the backed up files, therefore I cannot restore.

  • lovefleurlimaus 02 says:

    where is this option “USB debugging “?

  • Alessandra Mortt says:

    Just so you know, I have a Moto G and it did work for me. Only issues I’ve
    seen are that for it to work I had to connect it to PC as PTP (Camera
    files), so I can’t copy the carbon folder directly (had to use bluetooth
    file transfer), the Helium app sometimes asks to be connected again to
    Helium desktop to enable app copy. Otherwise it’s working fine.
    Thank you btw for the video, really useful! 

  • Apoorv Khare says:

    Just got hands on new Oneplus One, I tried this method but on my PC the
    helium app is showing that “Helium has been enabled on your Android”, but
    on my OPO, it is stuck on “Waiting for the Helium Desktop application to
    enable application backup on your Android……..”
    I have my USB debugging switched on & I’ve installed the latest Google
    I have tried this method on my Xperia device & Mi3, and on both it seemed
    to have worked, but why am I having this issue on Oneplus One.
    Can anyone suggest anything? (I’m hoping C4ETech’s Ash might help but any
    suggestion/help might be helpful for me)
    Thank you.

  • W4ST3D says:

    Seems like I need some help on this one… When I finally open the pc
    program and it snows that I’m connected, and I open the app on my phone, it
    just stitches off and then back on. I’ve xperia e, if that matters. What
    shall I do, is it the device’s fault?

  • Danny Tillotson says:

    The app I want says “Backup disabled” most other apps are available. So
    annoying. Any tips?

  • Gandharva Appagere says:

    I don’t find the link to Helium .. where do I find it..??

  • felipe sabogal says:

    it didn´t work on my lenovo yoga tablet 8

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