Full review at http://www.redferret.net/?p=48533 . The Honor 6 comes in a bright pastel blue box, which is the first sign that the brand wants to do something different. No dull greys and blacks…

6 Responses to “Honor 6 -best budget Android phone we’ve tested so far [Review]”

  • Ryan Darcy says:

    Honor 6 plus is available now! It’s got the latest and greatest specs, I
    must agree 100% that this first version of the honor 6 is amazing value!
    Please try to reveiw the honor 6 plus too :) 

  • dean adcock says:

    Great review 

  • wazid ahmed says:

    Very good review !! Is emiui 3.0 coming out of the box in India.. ?

  • RockSnus says:

    I got rid of my iPhone and got Honor 6. I must say its faster and better
    and 3 times cheaper than the iPhone 6, great review guys, keep it up!

  • Marcel de Koning says:

    Can anyone tell me about their GPS experiences with this phone or any other
    Huawei/Honor phones? I have terrible experiences with Chinese phones not
    catching any GPS signal, and would like to have some idea how Huawei is
    doing in this field. Also, how about freezing OS? My actual phone freezes
    at least 3 times a day, or more when it’s in a bad mood. Thanks in advance
    for any advice!

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