GTA 5 Mobile gameplay for Galaxy S 4 The game was removed off of Google Play two days later. The one I was able to get is the beta version i believe. I found…

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  • Carlos Castrejon ™ says:

    Jajajajaj,no mamen apoco se la cren? No estan viendo que es un puto montaje
    cuando el personaje corre el apenas ba a tocar el boton ._. No me

  • Kaaru Kun says:

    very f***ing fake, it’s so obvious because the gameplay dont have the
    timing when he press the buttons like in 2:33 the character jumped first
    before he press the button :P 

  • Luka Vukovic says:

    If u ever played GTA Vice City for Android, you can see this is fake. On
    GTA VC you can see on foot controls, in vehicle controls, HUD, buttons to
    switch weapons…

  • AIDEN_BY says:

    Так реально играть, скачал просто джойстик, и ещё прогу для воспроизведения
    игр на телефоне, и на консоль скачал что то, что бы управлять управлять
    консолью через андроид, в итоге мы на андройде видем что на консоле, и при
    этом управляем, всё легко и просто.

  • EvilGamers says:

    he could play this, you would just have to download enulators on the phone
    from sites and then just root, However he could not play that because if he
    could he would need atleast 30- 50 gbs of space. So no he didn’t play it.
    However it is possible. Thank you for reading. Have a nice day.

  • Giorgi Buadze says:

    This is fake
    You are fake
    Your channel is fake
    And everithing what you habe is fake
    (Penis too)

  • Zach Bowman says:

    That isnt real it cant be i work for google what a liar


    Also why the hell are there Xbox controls

  • Muhammed Fejzulla says:

    What the link to download this? Please help

  • Micael Schutz says:

    is so teamviewer download the program on android and the computer and then
    put your IP and then synchronize download grand theft auto 5 game for PC
    and play without even a lag that really works you just need to be connected
    to the same internet on your computer and android apple also works in

  • Alan G says:

    I Agree with @EvilGamers

  • tudor mihail says:

    this is fake fake , fake , fake and fake !

  • meet patel says:

    dumb a.. this is a very f.. bullshit joke.
    how can a mobile give performance like xbox or ps3
    you play nice untill your kill that bitch and suddenly run there you

  • Fighting Pegasus says:

    Encerio? Quien no sabria que esto es un puto fake?
    Esta mierda es falso… Al solo ver que trevor iba corriendo el wey estaba
    pulsando A y de alli trevor dio un golpe y de alli el wey puso Y y luego
    puso B rapido para que pareciera como si el lo estubiera jugardo

    Posdata: me das asco -.-

  • difa harta yoga says:

    this real or fake ???? GTA 5 MOBILE

  • sanchez escoba says:

    Saldrá para móbiles en 2023 pero por ahora es FAKE

  • Danica McAndrews says:


  • Kevin Vargas says:


  • wali Wardak says:

    I can’t find the game in the play store

  • Guzzi Gaming says:

    dude phones arents strong enough to play that game noone will belive only
    like a 7 year old kid

  • Gabriel Benicio says:

    i no found

  • DogeTheGamer 9519 says:

    1.There are joystick buttons,so that means that he was streaming with his
    Xbox 360.
    2.Which fucking phone woud have 100 gigabytes of free space?! Rockstar said
    that GTA 5 takes about 65 gigabytes of free space.

  • Амир Шерифов says:

    А я не нахожу в плей маркете это все обман gta 4 еще не вышел на телефоны
    какой gta 5

  • Maximiliano Oportus says:

    Cerraro ami nome sale ):

  • Jerry Olaya says:

    puto de mierda

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