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24 Responses to “Free cracked Android GPS Navigation crack 14.3.1 Sygic apk HUD GPS full Free apk Download gratis”

  • Andy Evans says:

    Not working for me, keeps trying to download from google play 


    Thanks alot

  • Stanley Opar says:

    thanks mate! …wasn’t even on my “market” android forum yet. props!

  • AxE_09 says:

    after installation does not work for me on Samsung GT-S7562 : failed to
    download from Google Play with message ‘You may not have purchase this
    Does anyone have a solution ?
    Thanks for help

  • AlAfIfI says:

    Anyway thanks,,,….. I cannot continue installing this app because
    (Downloading resource file from GooglePlay failed) what is the solution. ??

  • MrAssis10 says:

    Hey Man, greetings from Brazil, thanks a lot ! My motorola Razr works

  • thelonerider says:

    Hi and thanks. I downloaded your file and installed but “HUD” icon does not
    come up. How can I activate HUD?

  • Abdel-Rahman Hazin says:

    Great but doesn’t have Jordan’s map.

  • Silvolde games says:

    Fuck u Not working on kitkat. I cant place it on my external sd because of
    copy restrictions with my S4

  • Leszek i Małgosia W W-W says:

    I have Done exactly as you showed, and it des not work. After “Open” it
    stops downloading and displays “Downloading resource file from GooglePlay
    I saw in comments that many users have the same problem.
    Do You have any solution?
    (Im using Galaxy SIII Android 4.3)

  • Annisa I. Kartika says:

    Why can’t I download the Indonesia map? It’s always error. Help, please :( 

  • Mohamad Kassab says:

    thanks ..
    i did every things but when i open the app it did not open ..and tell me
    ((downloading resource file from googleplay failed)) so what is the problem

  • Nice swan bai says:

    Sygic apk installed on HTC one mini, but no maps except vatican city, even
    though i downloaded Ireland, france and spain and they are in the sygic
    folder.. advise please

  • rrazvi23 says:

    to install this app, i must to have root on my phone?

  • nebiru78 says:

    it does not work in xperia p (does not have sd slot) not only this sygic
    but everyone i tried have you got any recommendation , once i open app
    shows Donloading resource file from googleplay failed…

  • Singh Gurpreet says:

    After the installation I opened it and it says “Downloading resource file
    from GooglePlay failed.” “Download failed becasue you may not have
    purchased this app”

  • Lucian Diac says:

    thanx man,on my 4.1.1 works fine.moved the maps in the folder containing
    vatican map,and works.and aa..,I saved all the sygic files on my sd
    the phone memory just did not work.thnx again!!

  • Levi Mckenzie says:

    it works make sure you completely delete all sygic files before you try to
    install apk

  • Alexandru Gheorghiu says:

    Thanks a lot for this!
    After using Sygic for a while, I’ve backed up the items.dat file, did a
    factory reset, re-installed Sygic and deployed the backed-up items.dat file.
    The problem is two fold: none of the favorites locations show up in the
    application and also, I can’t add any (new) favorites.
    I’ve tried re-installing different versions of Sygic and also the current
    version from the Play Store. But after I copy the items.dat file, the above
    symptoms keep appearing.
    Therefore, I assume is something related to the items.dat file (being
    corrupted or something).
    Do you have any ideas with respect to this? 

  • Md Mostafizur Rahman says:

    the link u have given in is not working….


    I can’t download the GPS with the messagge “This file is no longer
    available because of claim by TomTom (Tele Atlas)”

  • ajaser7 says:

    the link for download is no long available plz renew the link and tnx :) 

  • Christo Jordan Manopo says:

    the video for sygic 14.3.2 blocked by youtube

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