Hello and today I’m providing a method to all my users a way to get a phone unlock for free! Paying 100$ or more for a unlock is not worth it, i mean heck, d…

3 Responses to “Free Android Phone Unlocker 2013 [Completely free] [No downloads] – Working as of 10/12/2013”

  • tyler roddeck says:

    Man.. thanks, it worked, i donated and got it unlocked in 2 days, but if i
    wanted to do this on 2 other phones could i ?

  • Eocracy says:

    Yes man ofcourse. I’m not the owner of this website, just found it
    recently. I’m sure you can, of course for free, maybe if you want the
    quickest unlock you could donate and he may give you a discount since it’s
    more than one order, let me know how it goes! see ya

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