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  • Android Authority says:

    Dual Sim Card Supported Phones – Android Q&A by Jayce Broda

  • Insane CoolAid says:

    almost every phone here in the philippines is dual sim capable .____. is it
    really that hard to get dual sim phones in america?

  • Shuvo Howlader says:

    Yah…I have two sim card supported phone……… do u? ;-) 

  • Pritam Chakroborty says:

    In India most phone comes with dual Sim support. So its no a big deal in
    india. & I’m also using a dual Sim phone….

  • Tenneil Smith says:

    wow no mention of Asus zenfone 5 and 6……… and you guys said you are
    android pros.
    i’m rocking a zenfone 6 and its the first phone that doesnt make we want to
    throw in into the wall (no freezing/random restarts/heavy skinning etc ) –
    it doesn’t have everything i hated about all the samsung and lg phones i’ve
    have owned and hated) plus the developers are easily reachable and update
    the software very frequently.

    *********$200 unlocked, dual sim, solid 3200mah battery, 6inch ips, low
    light rear camera

  • Karly Johnston says:

    Unless you live in India I highly suggest not to get a Dual SIM phone. The
    reason India is the home market is due to regional carriers that don’t
    cover the entire country so you have two SIMs to get the total call
    coverage needed. The biggest cons of Dual SIM is A) battery drain, B) No
    LTE, C) two cards is less value than one consolidated plan and D) pre-paid
    SIMs expire far too early. If you travel abroad often you probably have a
    GSM phone already, it is better just to buy a pre-paid SIM there and use
    that one rather than using that and your home SIM that incurs heavy charges
    abroad. If you want two phone numbers use GV or some other VOIP service…
    way cheaper than keeping a 2nd SIM. 

  • FatcherGaming says:

    You forgot about the Galaxy Note 3 Duos
    Its basically the same phone as the galaxy note 3 with one noticable
    difference with the original the camera and the flash are not fused
    together with a separate piece of plastic (think of the gs4 back design)
    (it still has the fake leather backing)

  • AlFatihaOnRS says:

    Not every phone uses sim cards..Most cdma phones dont, although some of
    them do but only for the 4G data, calling still works even without it.

  • Akash Tarafder says:

    Indians were using dual sim cards before it was mainstream. -_-

  • sujahit rudra says:

    Dual sim card support has also battery drain issue greater than normal.

  • Mark Ford says:

    Huawei Mate 7, 32GB version (TL10). Dual sim and the second sim can be
    used to take a microsd card instead, up to 128GB. 4G (on first sim). 6″
    screen (1080 x 1920). 13MP / 5MP cameras; double click volume down to go
    direct to camera + voice recognition to take pics. Fingerprint reader and
    NFC. 4100 mAh battery. Very good call quality.

  • Locutz M says:

    funny you should say that i have a samsung galaxy s3 neo plus dual sim

  • ahmad 745 says:

    Hey Jayce, I’m writing to you from my new Sony Z3 Dual. Aside from being
    one amazing piece of kit, I found it the best option from most of those on
    your list, as it is one of the few Android dual-sim phones (international
    market has many others not on your list from Huawei, Lenovo, and others) as
    both simple slots can access 4G, while 98% of the others have a 4/3G slot
    and a 2G only slot.

    Great video, take care

  • Wiggysan Wiggysan says:

    Or, just get a “All you can eat” tarrif.

    I pay less then £20 per month for unlimited calls, texts and data he in the

    No need for duel sim cards. I just use my single tarrif none stop. 

  • Jaka Aria says:

    In Indonesia you can find a phone with dual, triple, or 4 sim card.
    In Indonesia we have 9 network providers, and having two or more SIM from
    different network provider is good deal. Because your friend and family is
    not always have same network provider as you have. And in Indonesia, if you
    are in same network, SMS and call is a lot cheaper then cross networks

  • Kaysán says:

    Thanks for the informative video +Jayce Broda 

  • 火柴人Ex改 says:

    Use Magic SIM in order to have Dual SIM on any Phone!!!
    Google it for more detail!

  • Zylwyn Alejo says:

    To me dual sim phones are convenient if you have a 2 phones earlier 

  • Atul Goku says:

    I am from India i am using dual sim phone from past 4 Years its really
    awesome….There are much benifits with the dual sim support……Not just in
    India but in whole world….I take my personal calls of my sim 1 and 2nd
    sim i am using for my buisness calls,data usage,etc My first sim dosent
    have good network but very cheap call rates……just a 8 Dollar recharge for 3
    Month and i get Free unlimited calls for the same carrier….Dual sim
    rockzzzz just try it one time and explore the benifits….

  • Antonio Henrique says:

    Dual sim phone is terrible to recieve update, and mods from xda i bate dual

  • Ignacio Guerendiain says:

    You forgot the Moto G second generation (2014). They exists, I have one :) 

  • Jake Lo says:

    Has anybody experienced any problems with Dual Sim android phones? I
    remember when my dad got a dual SIM phone just when Smartphones were coming
    into the market. The phone’s SIM card reader died a couple of months after
    he got it, the phone itself basically still worked. But it didn’t register
    any SIM card and I tried about every SIM card in my household to see if it
    was a problem with the actual SIM cards my dad was using at the time.

  • Cherry says:

    I still dont understand the thing about the support of every slot.
    Let’s say i have an IUNI U2 that has Dual Sim slots. the first is for 2G
    GSM and the second is for 3G WCDMA.
    will this able wo work with just 1 Sim card in AT&T I mean,will it be able
    to make calls and use the HSPA+ network of AT&t?

  • Stephen Tennant says:

    Jayce great video… i travel a lot too but there is now added complication
    with dual sim in that some countries in developing world only have larger
    sims so you need to clarify what size sim the dual phone takes…some take
    mini some take micro…i dont know of any that take nano but i could be
    wrong. One of the best bargains I have found is the Sony Xperia E1 which
    has to be a super bargain of dual sim phones. At only 100 bucks online it
    takes the old full size sims which are handy for developing
    countries….its cheap build but has surprising amount of features for the

  • Kostas Kayioulis says:

    I was a user of Galaxy S Duos until recent, and the promised updates from
    Samsung were magically disappeared. And because it’s a Dual Sim phone no
    one at the XDA community could build a custom ROM not based at the
    Samsung’s stock.

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