Hey Guys, Just a quick video showing you the coolest things you can do on your android device. You will need to have allowed installation from unknown source…

25 Responses to “Cool Things You Can Do With Android Phone 2014”

  • Strajaize says:

    Keep it up, good quality, good footage. Hoping to see more in here :) 

  • IDroidCracker says:

    Hey guys, always appreciate your support and i would appreciate it if you
    could like, share and subscribe. Also could you comment with what could be
    done better and what video you want to see next

  • José Menéndez says:

    you should put the link or name of every app you are using on the video 

  • Clarence Gonsalves says:

    The HTC Touch HD could run possibly every mobile software known (Except iOs
    of course!)

  • Meshark Unah says:

    i like your lock screen background, what pic is it can u send me a link to
    download it please

  • Mouskell says:

    I cant move my apps on my sd card on my galaxy S3 :( help?

  • CretanGaming says:

    Just goes to show how much technology has advanced when you can run an OS
    like Windows on your phone when phones weren’t even a big thing back then.

  • Mark Keefe says:

    You don’t need a smart phone to do strange things with ur number. If on FB
    for example just type in @[ last 3 of ur number then .0] and post and see
    what happens lol

    I’ll buy an Iphone or smart phone and spend over 75 bucks on a dumb phone
    when hell freezes. Phones are for business and to give a quick call to
    friend or family not to be on all damn day. I have flip top phone which can
    take pics but is 20 bucks and done. People need to stop depending on cell
    phones as if it is life support or something insane. I don’t get it even
    with kids. I can understand teens more so long as HW is done and chore but
    over 22 and on the phone all the time? It means one needs more hours on a
    job or to take up a craft of something productive since unless for business
    it is a total waste of time and life to be on a dumb phone like one in this
    video. A video game is better. At least some of those cause one to think.

  • surendran125 says:

    where can i download freedom ?

  • Tsunami says:

    Theres no freedom app ;(

  • isak nylander says:

    what is the name on the first app?

  • Eleazar Ramirez says:

    What freedom app is it?

  • sole agui says:

    Q vid. Más fome!

  • Cris Guerra says:

    Awesome dude

  • Frosty Ice says:

    How did you get it so when you unlocked it, it brought you too all of your

  • aravind kumar says:

    Hey My Name Aravind HI Have Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 How to move all App in
    my SD Care Pls Tell Me bro

  • xprocharged1 says:

    Wondering why you have your minimum cpu clock speed set at ~1700 MHz,
    locking it there. It will never throttle down, which will KILL battery. I
    see you’re using power save governor, but setting the minimum that high
    totally defeats the purpose. That’s basically like setting it on
    performance governor, but capping it at 1700.

  • Davishmar Host says:

    How do you do the psp thing

  • Mysh says:

    can you pls tell me where did you download that psp games pls

  • prettycookiemonster99 says:

    Thank you very much!

  • Emily Amaya says:

    That sound when windows 95 came sounds creepy

  • Jorge Dominguez says:

    You dont have to have a rooted android device to get free emulations,
    console games,

  • Richādo M says:

    you can do the swipe on basic touchwiz. 

  • Viyan Raj says:

    Hey, the video was great! I just have one question, what launcher do u
    use??? U r really awesome!!!?

  • Doni Ray Cusi Jr. says:

    Thanks Bro! 

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