Connect Xbox 360 Controller to Android Phone or Tablet. Now you can play games on your android device with your Wired and Wireless Xbox 360 Controllers. No longer will you have to use those…

25 Responses to “Connect Xbox 360 Controller to Android Phone/Tablet (Wired & Wireless)”

  • The 321 Show says:

    Might be my best video yet. What do you guys think?

  • freesf ftrefv says:

    Thanks for the awsome video

  • Tahnic Murshed says:

    Song name please

  • 5ilver says:

    When i searched this i had intentions of playing gta with it. What a

  • Arizona Boy says:

    I did this then tried to play Modern Combat 5, it was horrible

  • the biscuit gamer says:

    Are you sure it works with the xb1 controller did you try useing one just
    making sure before i buy the cable 

  • auzzle says:

    Best tutorial I have ever watched. Well edited and gets right to the point.

  • Michael Poole says:

    When I plug my xbox 360 in the lights just flash on the controller and it
    does not work

  • john thompson says:

    If I want to play Nintendo 64 games would the ps3 or xbox controllers work
    as well ? 

  • Marck Munoz says:

    Xbox one controller doesn’t might want to edit the description.

    Source: I tried it.

  • Frondome says:

    Worked perfectly before but, now it won’t work at all. It just gives me a
    small green flash when I connect it :/

  • Brian Oblivion says:

    great video The 321 Show

    this does not work with the UHOST2 Android device. The lights on the XBOX
    360 controller flash and nothing works. Any ideas? thanks.

  • The 321 Show says:

    A few older phones don’t work with OTG, so please google “phone name” +
    “otg compatibility” to check this :) 

  • Exiled leopard says:

    My brother wrecked my 360 controller and bought me an xbox one controller.
    Thinking about just buying another wired 360 controller.

  • Rohan Venugopal says:

    +The 321 Show I just received the materials via Amazon today. I tried
    several times to connect, and I found that it only connects 2 out of the 10
    times I tried. I have a wireless Xbox 360 controller and a OnePlus One. I
    know it should work, because the 2 times it connected, I was able to play
    on my N64 emulator with no problem.

  • Mark Hill says:

    Hi there, thanks so much for the vid!!!! I connected my xbox controller to
    my S4 like in your vid and it works perfectly. The only problem is that
    doing the exact same thing with my Samsung Tab Pro does not work. Can you
    help? Or could you suggest something for me to try? If you could that would
    be a great help!

  • Wiktor Katulski says:

    Wait the wired controler is without usb port and wirless is with usb port

  • Tang Kobe says:

    The 360 wireless controller works via bluetooth. So is there any way to
    direct connect to Android device via bluetooth without OTG+Controller
    adapter? So that you don’t have to buy anything and enjoy the pure
    wireless. But this must be hard, I heard the bluetooth transmission of 360
    wireless controller is encrypted by Microsoft. 

  • cruxi27 says:

    Pls help! I cant connect my wirreless controler to my galaxy S2 i had a
    connection but i cant use my controler i root my phone and i search for
    compability with otg and is still not works.

  • Sven Hansen says:

    Doesnt work with xbox one controller :( 

  • Abdallah Dandachi says:

    ive tried to connect my pc/ps2 joystick but it doesnt work why ?

  • Rudy Martinez says:

    +The 321 Show hey will a Xbox 360 charger cable work?

  • ARJWAN says:

    Thank you :D 

  • dijonmustardgas says:

    A simple, well-spoken, and straight to the point how-to video. Well done!

  • Ajil Thomas says:

    hello, I am thinking to connecting my note 2 to my tv and also use a
    wireless connector along with you would you suggest ?
    I have a micro USB to HDMI cable 

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