Thought I would make a Smartphone Buying Guide for the holiday season moving into 2015 Thanks for Watching! Please “LIKE” the Video! :) ➜ Subscribe 4 More…

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  • zeo221 says:

    I just want to thank you all for watching and supporting the channel

    Have lots of great video’s in the works for this holiday season :) 

  • Thome James says:

    You are growing in subscribers fast!!!!!

  • Shivam Prajapati says:

    I kind of feel like the Lg G3 should of been part of this 

  • Br0wn1ez says:

    Imagine the htc one m8 with droid turbo’s battery

  • Chris O says:

    most of those android phones look ugly and cheap af. Also, why wasn’t the
    Samsung Galaxy s5 in this video? That phone has so many features that a lot
    of those crappier phones don’t have

  • Zlotz says:

    OMG this guy ends all his sentences with the same voice tone and it’s so
    annoying! I swear people, listen carefuly, this is unbearable.

  • Nuno Silva says:

    You missed amazing phones like Sony Xperia Z3 or LG G3…

  • KhAlIDSnOP SnoP says:

    i have a phone with 4GB ram dd4 256GB ssd internal Storage 2120 730 ppi and
    xzeon O9 processor i got it for around 520 $ but it will only work in

  • mike m says:

    I just got the turbo yesterday and its a nice phone, I have had all the
    Samsung phones and an HTC one m8 and this is easily on par if not better.

  • Matthew Jardine says:

    There is a negative to the Nexus 6. Users and others have started
    experiencing a little screen burn in (where certain items that are often on
    screen or often appear tend to leave outlines or shadows on the screen once
    you have exited those apps or screens that show those particular outlines
    or shapes and are on other screens). It is not a terrible problem but it
    seems to be more evident then on Samsung’s Amoled displays.

  • LittleOryx says:

    Why is the Nexus 6 still out of stock?

  • Thierry Mattea says:

    Good comparison. However you didn’t earn my “Like” due to the annoying way
    you end your sentences. YOu sound like a robot, and that became
    increasingly unnerving as the video progressed to the point I had to stop
    watching it somewhere in the middle. Where did you learn to speak man? R2D2
    language school?

  • Drflux says:

    Bruh this guys tone. Like the way he ends most words with a flat tone.
    Annoying asf

  • brwhit2 says:

    Your voice pisses me off

  • Johansson says:

    I’m looking for a new phone to buy. I currently have Samsung Galaxy Note 2
    and it feels so slow and bad now, but it still runs very well (i just want
    a new phone, almost had this one for 2 years). So what i want is a phone
    with at least 5,5″ screen, good camera, very good processor (such as
    Quadcom Snapdragon 800 2,5Ghz>) or something like it, a good battery and so
    on. But i seriously am not comfortable buying like Note 4 since it costs
    750€ here or Nexus 6 (700€), so i’m looking something bit cheaper. Is it
    still a good idea to buy Huawei Ascend Mate 7 or LG G3 or should i wait for
    new releases? Please help me :#

  • Robert Sieniawski says:

    I’d like to recommend an awesome phone Xiaomi Mi4… 350-400$

  • Y10Q says:

    Droid Turbo is by far the best, but the only problem is lack of sd card
    slot. Galaxy phones have the sd card, but Galaxies are poorly built. Every
    single unit I dealt with has a micro usb port that is either going out or
    has gone out. Even the ones used by family members, had the same issues. I
    have had Galaxy S2 and S and they both had micro usb issues, where they
    quit charging or break off easily. iPhones used to be 100% reliable. You
    click on a button, it works 100% of the time, every time. But newer
    versions, 5s, 6 and 6 plus, work like Androids. You have to touch an icon
    twice before it reacts. Droid Turbo, if it had SD card slot and lower
    resolution screen I would buy 10 of them. Even with QHD screen it runs for
    two days. Works perfect. Has the iPhone quality, and a lot of iOS features.

  • David Riehl says:

    Is there an Android phone,except the M8 that has good battery life and a
    good camera? I mean just in case I can’t get it, I want another option.
    After hearing the negatives of the moto x, I’ll decide not to add that
    phone to my list of first phone to get. 

  • Sebastian Steele says:

    I got a iMac because all other company’s suck get Apple 

  • cassette says:

    seriously do you have to play tryhard monstercat because its genuinely
    pissing me off

  • Avery Lee says:

    i see alot of people jabbing at this guy for the way he speaks, whos to say
    its not you guys who speak incorrectly and he actually does?

  • Salvador Hernandez says:

    Can you please help me I would like to know what phone to buy I have an lg
    phone it sucks
    I want to use it for my work
    I want to take excellent pictures in different places day or night also
    good videos
    Listen to music in a high volumen with no earphones with a big screen to
    watch videos or movies
    Good gps I travel a lot
    Battery that can last also that can be affortable and I can google with no
    problems or not so much I have a lot of problems with this phone and im
    looking for something better this 2015 thank you and God bless

  • Patty Nation says:

    I am looking for a new phone to sign a 2 year contract with. I currently
    have an iphone 4 and it is really slow and bad now. I am looking for a new
    phone with good batterey life, runs fast and smooth, has a nice camera, and
    has at least a 5 in. screen. Any Help?

  • Justin Yeo says:

    5:26, if youre not a complete idiot, you wouldve known that this comment
    would cause at least a few dislikes. Amoled?? Much better than IPS??? We
    all know Samsung is very infamous for amoled, and let me tell you this: the
    oversaturation is undoubtedly beautiful, but it’s eye popping; it’s just
    unreal; that’s probably why samsung cameras don’t take good photos in low
    light. Let me give you an example of a truly awesome lcd screen; the Sony
    xperia z3. You should be very well aware that the z3 brings an amazingly
    beautiful and realistic lcd display with its triluminous technology. Don’t
    go feeding us with your biased bullshit about how amoled is much better
    than lcd who the fuck do think is buying your shit???

  • Justin Yeo says:

    I really can’t like your video I’m truly sorry. It’s just so lacking…
    Where tf is the lg g3? Where’s the Sony xperia z3? Whatever happened to the
    HTC one m8?!!!!!!!??? I hope you realize that specs aren’t everything…? I
    would be more content if you named the video The best spec. phones of
    2014/2015. But obviously, you DO realize that specs aren’t everything,
    because you went and stuck up the moto g and iPhone 6 plus in your video?!?
    What the fuck?!! Why didn’t you put some elite phones like the lg g3 and
    xperia z3 up there??? Based on what you said about the iPhone, my theory is
    that youre an apple fanboy… Forget your damn monotone voice, I was really
    hoping that your comparison would make up for it. Im really disappointed…
    How pathetic…

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