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25 Responses to “Best Smartphone 2014: Spring Top 10 (February 2014)”

  • TechRadar says:

    What’s the best mobile out there right now? Here’s our top 10 list.

  • Benny Lormer says:

    android fanboy. IHPONE 5S SHOUD BE LIKE FIRST

  • Perrty Ballonz says:

    Hey guys in your opinions what do you think is the best smart phone out
    there and please put one reason why you think it is the best I plz don’t
    start a war thanks


  • Keisha Cole says:

    I like iphone but had iPhones for a few years boring now when I do get a
    upgrade wondering what the next best phone to get on the market 

  • Richard Moloney says:

    Samsung Galaxy S5,HTC One M8, which is better? 

  • Greg Turovsky says:

    i completely disagree with spot 6 its a good phone or i should say was in
    2009 i hate apple they cheap out not even a 720 p display and only apple
    phone shatter in spider webs when you drop em and no nfc shitty camera
    options bad specs only 1 GB of ram over priced all you are buying is the
    brand or if you are dumb and dont know how to use android and intuitive ui?
    heck no its a simple shit that a 4 year old can draw dont make the mistake
    by getting sucked into the endless black hole of apple go android or
    windows phone 8 so much better 

  • Ultimate532 says:

    PHONE U TWIT, iphone 5s geekbech is 1415 , none even get close to it,

  • Chain Parkour says:

    Nexus 5 Is the top….period

  • Lioness Ali says:

    Great! I do believed i’ve got a very good choice, it’s been more than a
    year now and never did i think of changing it…loved my htc one! 

  • Madeleine Tiong says:

    never buy samsung….. they take up space in your sd card that you have to
    delete your apps and can’t delete theirs…

  • Nicky Valentino says:

    HTC one m7 best built phone Eva!! the rest ….rip!!!!

  • cristian de avila says:


  • gurlal singh says:

    iphone 5s is best

  • Liliana Solis says:

    im planing on upgrading but which one? m thinking of galaxy s5 or lg g3!!!

  • Ingra Taylor says:

    For me, the best smartphone for 2014 is iPhone 5s. It’s truly awesome!

  • Pain Yahiko says:

    Xperia Z2 would be best but ok..


  • Amethyst Uy says:

    LG G2!!!!! 

  • ObiWan Kenobi says:

    lol the htc heats up like crazy, don’t it ? Just like everyone expected.

  • UpbeatGaming says:

    what is the most useful phone this is what i am looking for in a phone

    1. long battery

    2. remind me of stuff i need to do

    3.good quality camera

    and thats mostly it i dont care how much it is just want a useful phone

  • Aladdin Warlord says:

    Are u kidding me the Sony Xperia better than iphone 5 and galaxy note 3
    !?!? Go to the doctor man I can’t believe that

  • Badboy Amsterdam says:

    If you use iphone kill yourself

  • Silly Brainiacs says:

    What we need is samsung teaming up with apple. iPhone 6 is nice but to
    thin. iPhone 5s + samsung galaxy 5 would be a phone I would buy

  • randomguy randomname says:

    @UpbeatGaming Nokia Lumia 1520, 3400 mAh (huge) battery, your startscreen
    will tell you exactly what you want it to (you also have a notification
    center) and you have a really good 20.7 MP camera, other phones with 20.7
    MP haven’t beat the Nokia’s.

  • randomguy randomname says:

    @JasmineKing if I would get one it would be because of the size, not the
    S-pen, I just like my phones big.

  • Martin Tóth says:

    1. iPhone 5S 2. Sony Z3 Compact 3. HTC One M8………86. Samsung galaxy S5

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