In this video we take a look at five bargain smart phones that are worthy of your attention.

14 Responses to “Best cheap Android phones”

  • Stevethesearcher says:

    At the higher end of the market Android wipes Windows Phone off the floor.
    However low end Androids tend to be laggy and Windows Phone is much
    smoother. The Nokia 520 or 620 is far superior to any of these phones. It’s
    hard to recommend any Android phone under 200 British pounds or 250 Euro.

  • Zeeshan Hussain says:

    Get a Chinese phone from lightinthebox for 129££ jjust like galaxy s4

  • me2olive says:

    A 1 GHz CPU is not a deal breaker, my old Xperia Arc still runs most most
    apps without any issue. But this review should really have mentioned ram
    and storage, as those are two limitations that can really hamper
    cheaper/older phones.

  • ruzzell907 says:

    Nice hair !

  • knarf28android says:

    Galaxy fame is bette r despite its poor screen quality.

  • sipart says:

    +1 for a cheap Chinese phone. Check out the thl w8 series. I bought a w8s,
    5″ 1080p screen, gorilla glass 3, 1.5ghz quad core, 2gb ram, 32gb ROM.
    Android 4.2.1, came with two batteries, screen protector and flip case. The
    price………. £172 delivered direct from China:-) obviously not for those
    who want the convenience of local support if any issues. But he who
    dares…… :-D

  • BarryLlewellynperson says:

    Crap choice of phones.. There’s way better at that price point. Disliked.

  • DatNiqqa says:

    I don’t trust Chinese makers my friends lenovo broke in one month and the
    phone on paper was great but it actually was slow and laggy it sucked.

  • Ben Rafter says:

    S 3 minis great

  • SuperUsername35 says:

    Umm LG optmius g 150 off contract internals compare with the s3 and s4

  • Mike Bokkuzz says:

    I think the Kyocera Rise should be on this list. 4 in. Display 1Ghz
    processor QWERTY keypad and only 20$

  • Mike Bokkuzz says:
  • poisonivy0666 says:

    Poor poor choices…. 

  • Ruben Hernandez says:

    I would recomend a samsung galaxy light on t mobile 1.4 quadcore procesor
    and 5 megapixel camera 

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