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25 Responses to “BEST Budget Smartphone for 2015 – Unbeatable Value – Review”

  • zeo221 says:

    Glad to see the Positive feedback :)
    I’m trying to make more helpful video’s lately

  • 09Mrsubaru says:

    I like the nexus 6 but 6″ for a phone I think it’s too much.
    The main idea of the nexus is a flagship device with a reasonable price n
    this one isn’t. 

  • zeo221 says:

    New Video – Best Smartphone for 2014 & 2015 – Buying Guide

  • monkeysnuts420 says:

    your voice and your diction really grinds my fucking gears but nice video.

  • Laurence Harvey says:

    Great company based in the uk open 7 days .

    If like me your a bit sceptical about company’s who you have not used
    before or ever heard of well i can honestly say that Expedite Electronics
    provide a 100% perfect customer service and deliver products on time every
    time using mainly parcel force .
    Expedite are open 7 days yes 7 days a week and are based in the uk so no
    problems there what so ever .
    I was looking for the new Galaxy S3 Neo dual sim phone which was around
    £209.00 on amazon but came across Expedite electronics who were selling
    them at just £169.00 delivered !
    Yes they import from china etc etc where most products are made anyway but
    have this great company in the uk and without the hundreds of time wasting
    options to go through when you call them ( took me just 30 seconds to speak
    to a customer advisor ).
    I would honestly recommend Expeditelectronics to anyone looking for a
    better deal on most electronic equipment on the market .

  • Cman Grunt says:

    Hey +zeo221 !!! What do you have against Windows phone!?!? Nice video
    otherwise but Windows phone is the most optimized OS and it’s unhackable
    (well, it hasn’t been hacked yet). I just don’t like what you did leaving
    the phone in the background as you did that there are some horrible phones.
    We’re your talking about Windows phone? 

  • shashaank srivastava says:

    I tend to get 1 generation older flaggship models like 2 months ago i got a
    samsung s4 for $200 even though it was used it was well worth it and its
    almost new even came with an otter box way better deal than getting a new

  • Rolando Perez says:

    You have a very strange accent in your voice. Scottish?

  • Edwin S Anthony says:

    Why do people call it a ‘budget’ phone? There are only two types of phones
    - phones, and overpriced phones. You need to be a moron to pay more than a
    hundred or two hundred quid for a phone. That just teaches the greedy corp
    to continue to screw us.

  • Douglas Martin says:

    You should really do more research into other companies. There are a lot of
    great of buys from companies other than the big 5. The Moto G is a good
    phone but there are so many more that have the same specs or better at half
    the cost. I bought a Blu 5 c hd unlocked for 150 now its selling for 118
    unlocked. It’s a great phone that doesn’t look or act like a budget phone.
    If your parents have WiFi at their house and don’t use much data out and
    about, they should look into ultra mobile. 19 dollars a month for unlimited
    talk and text – only draw back is it only has 100 mb of data. But for us
    old folks who use most of our data at home it’s a great buy. Please don’t
    take this as a negative comment – the phones you chose are good phones but
    if your looking for deals try Amazon unlocked phone section – there are
    100s of companies to choose from.

  • bandulu4real says:

    I’m totally satisfied with the Lumia 635, responsive UI, fast LTE really
    great batt life, vivid colors, HERE + navigation, good sound quality with
    headphones. Sure the screen hasn’t got hires but you wont notice it at all
    in every day situations (be it the metro, at the pub). I like the
    consistency of the WP 8 platform too. All in all a it’s a solid phone for a
    guy, who doesn’t need to take pictures each and every moment. Only
    downsides fingerprint magnet, app store not as busy as android / ios. give
    it a try.

  • master gaming says:

    sony m2 aqua is great
    i now own it for 1 year or something and its great! the screen is good and
    big anough camera isnt very good but is OK and its waterproof! i realy
    tested it ! i throw it into lake and after 10 minutes pull it out and it
    was completly fine. its a little bit slippery but with a good case its
    perfect. one of the benefits is that the camera isn’t great but its great.
    P.S Sry for the crapy grammar im not from english speaking country

  • How To Tutorials LB says:

    in a $700 you can buy a new PC

  • László Lugosi says:

    I bought Moto G 1st gen for my mom a year ago, this is her first
    smartphone, and actually she has now better phone than me. :) She is very
    satisfied with it! I can’t believe that it is still on the top. Perhaps it
    will be my next phone too.

  • Cameron Magdaleno says:

    What the hell is wrong with your voice dude? Are you reading a script with
    question marks, commas, exclamation points peppered randomly throughout it?
    Very informative but I can’t listen to an entire video with the way you
    speak. No offense, take this critic positively. 

  • cmod doesgames says:

    I was thinking of getting the moto g but the samsung galaxy s4 was free so
    I got that instead but the moto g is still a boss phone

  • DJ LuFin says:

    If you want to buy a nice, cheap phone, buy Galaxy SIII.

  • IzzanScool says:

    still waiting for the zenfone 2 :D 

  • Euvelis Rojas says:

    But why that disgusting dirty nails??? Fuck!!!

  • Ninotendo says:

    And what is THE privé?

  • RJ Cx Love says:


  • futbolita89742 says:

    The zenfone 2 is 2 times better than this phone

  • iBuffyBot says:

    you should say ur google name or put a watermark in your video cus any 1
    could copyur work and i couldnt tell if this is your official account . If
    u care bout this stuff? 

  • Anthony Hopper says:

    Moto G best all around smartphone for the buck. Empress someone with your
    smarts like what is most important. To me a person is more valuable than a
    phone. Call me cheap but call me and we’ll do lunch. 

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