Here’s a quick mini-reviews of Android smartphones from 2014 and 2015 including the Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, Note 4, Note Edge, Note 3, Galaxy S5, LG G Flex 2, LG G3, OnePlus One, HTC One M9/M8,.

25 Responses to “Best Android Smartphones 2014 & 2015! [Buying Guide]”

  • bmw2go11 says:

    I’m waiting for the Zenfone 2 RED 4gb 128gb <3

  • Ansh Shah says:

    Max quick question. Would you still recommend the lg g3 as it is a year old
    or is it still good. Thanks 

  • RomeyGraphics says:

    Your phone game is STRONG!

  • ProWeAreSo says:

    Some people might call you stupid for spending 10k on phones, but honestly,
    if I had the money, I’d do the same.
    I find phones so fun, like I’d have one for every day of the week lol

  • Mundher Al Lawati says:

    hi max.
    nice collection you got there..
    anyway what do you think about the intel atom processor in the zenfone2 4GB
    and can you make a comparison between intel atom and qualcom snapdragon..

  • Robert Rosello says:

    Out of all those phones, who have the better camera for video recording
    including audio????

  • Jack Bseibess says:

    How can i tether free on my rooted gs6

  • JSantana319 says:

    Max, you forgot about the Moto G, the Mote E second generation, the Blu
    Studio phones

  • Dovakeen79 says:

    i hated the note 4 had it a week brought it back

  • Youssef Abdelhamid says:

    Wait for note 5? or Note 4?

  • Gerald Stephanus says:

    +zedomax what phone would you recommend that have great custom rom support?
    OPO or other phone that you have?

  • gio132050 says:

    Waiting for the NEW NEXUS that’s coming out this year! :D 

  • Sergei castañeda cely says:

    I just bought a note 4 exynos I hope it’s closer to an s6

  • Robert Clark says:

    You said it Maxx. You said it. And I firmly agree. Note 4 is your favorite
    phone to date of all time. Lmao. Yes indeed. The best in my opinion too. 

  • Qualcuno Nessuno says:

    hey man pls help me: i tried to swap my memories on huawei g630 u20 by
    deleting and downloading a modified vold.fstab file (in system/etc/) and
    now my phone wont start up (it shows “huawei ascend g630″ and “powered by
    android” and then it turns off) : maybe i can copy that file from my friend
    (he also has huawei g630 u20) but my computer wont let me see the phone (i
    can hear the sound when i plug it in and hisuite starts up but i can’t see
    the phone anywhere….) is there a way i can insert the file vold.fstab
    from my friend in my huawei? the phone is rooted and i tried installing the but it says that since my phone is rooted i can’t install the
    OTA update. pls send help i’m desperate p.s. i can go in fastboot/rescue
    mode and in recovery (i have stock recovery) ;-;

  • Jamie Saltmarsh says:

    Hey Max, what case do you have on the S6 standard? Link please 

  • TheBlooRayChannel says:

    Hey Max! Great video as per usual. I have a Nexus 7 so don’t feel the need
    to own a large phone. Would you recommend the Xperia Z3 Compact? 

  • HuggiePampersBambino says:

    LOL you keep calling the Galaxy s6 a small phone it has a 5.1′ Screen that
    makes it a phablet in my book! ! 

  • Timo Hyppönen says:

    Whats the best android phone of 2015? No budjet.

  • Slender Man says:

    I have the G2 and its slowly dying, im a student so what phone would you
    recommend something that’s big would be nice as i have big hands. My budget
    is maximum of £350.00

  • Arjit Mehra says:

    Which would you recommend? OnePlus One or the Zenphone 2(4Gb)

  • radx says:

    S5 running cm12.1 has Bluetooth audio streaming stutter issues though when
    the screen is off which sucks. Seems all lollipop cm roms have problem with
    that too some degree. There’s a huge ass thread over at opo form about
    this. Seems to be related to how cpu cores behave in certain situations.
    Other than that it’s perfect. I’m back on a heavily modified tw based rom
    for the time being though. 

  • Ryan Elkochta says:

    Watch this video closely: The king of puns!

  • Manley Evangelista says:

    The Note series are my goto phone for Android. Loved my Note 3, and same
    for the Note 4.

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