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25 Responses to “Best Android Phones Under $250 – Android Q&A”

  • Android Authority says:

    Best Android Phones Under $250 – Android Q&A by +Jayce Broda 

  • Jayce Broda says:

    Best Android Phones Under $250 – Android Q&A 

  • James Carlyle says:

    OnePlus One
    Why wouldn’t you include it??

  • Karly Johnston says:

    I just got my brand new Ascend Mate 2 LTE and only paid $150…. beat that!

  • Hashtag says:

    Where is the ASUS ZENFONE 5, its WAYYY BETTER than MOTO G.

  • Hashtag says:

    Sorry no Damn way. I have the asus zenfone 5. A phone that costs 210SGD(160
    USD) with 2 gb of ram, a powerful dual core Intel processor with a 720p HD
    display, 8MP rear with 5 MP front. The motto g is nothing compared to the

  • FatcherGaming says:

    Look at most pf these phones they have a stock android experience making it
    smooth with low specks just imagine what the Snapdragon 810 can do on stock
    android maybe on galaxy S6 ios is fast becuase there’s not much going on in
    the actual user experience thats why its smooth like that manufacturers
    should just add features unique to their brand and dont touch the actual
    look and feel just add mpre settings here and there and that would make it
    blazing fast but that would likely not happen ohhh well

  • Alseir says:

    Why do reviewers never mention previous flagship devices. Such as Galaxy S3
    S4, Note series, Xperia Z. They’re solid phones a tad outdated but can

  • Mark Melamed says:

    what about getting 2nd hand phones?
    i believe u can get the note 2 for this cheap price in perfect condition.
    and the note 2 is super fast and good even in today standarts. 

  • Joaquin Ab5trakt says:

    I think the Samsung Galaxy S3 should get a mention here. Technically, at
    full price, it’s still a $249-$299 phone but you can get it for $150
    depending on where you look. Just for the sake of the argument, please
    spare the ‘Touchwiz lags’ arguments. Up until a couple weeks ago, I’ve used
    the S3 and never experienced lag. And Touchwiz has only gotten better with
    each update.

    Unfortunately, it is at the end of its life cycle. There won’t be an
    official update past Android 4.4.2. There is still a lot of 3rd party
    development though, moreso if you get the international version. There are
    a bunch of Android 5.0/5.0.1 AOSP ROMs out there. If people are looking for
    a good low budget phone, I’d suggest the GS3 to make the list.

  • FubarMike says:

    I have the moto E, bought it when the only alternative in the price range
    was a 16 gb moto g first gen with no sd card slot in the unlocked category
    since I live in canada. I am eagerly waiting the lollipop update since I
    hear that you can install large games completely to the sd card which would
    help out having only 4gb of internal storage. 

  • Eccentric Nafi says:

    ok here…..i heard too much about aquos crystal….admit it has an
    ingenious design but thats all.its no flagship and isnt even available in
    many countries.whats the fuss?

  • AlFatihaOnRS says:

    You can get the Moto G 2013 for $79.99 on Boost Mobile, or if you port your
    number over from a non Sprint company you can get it for free.

  • Imz Deodex says:

    You forgot my ASUS Zenfone 6. INTEL ATOM 1.6ghz dual core with Hyper
    threading, 2gb ram, 16gb internal, 13mp camera, 2mp front cam, led
    indicator, 6 inch 720p ips display.

  • Adarsh P. S. says:

    I hate him change him please!

  • Cranking All Day says:

    If Sharp release a 6 inch high spec phone, I would be all over it and I
    believe a lot of people would be too. If it could have the specs of the
    Nexus 6 and keep those small bezels, it would feel like a 5.5 inch phone!!

  • TheTrueHappy says:

    You should consider doinbudgetg a best tablet video as well, I’ve been
    eyeing the Hisense Sero 8 at Wal-Mart, it’s only 129.99, same price as the
    Moto e, but it’s 720p and has a quad-core processor.

  • mbayoneta2000 says:

    The LG Volt is such a good phone and I believe it should be on here. The
    only con is the resolution is okay.

  • xbad82 says:

    Jayce, my sister is really hates big screens but needs a new phone. Is
    there any phone with 4″ or smaller screen who also has decent specs but is
    not old? (Other than iPhone.)

  • Tomas Santos says:

    How about the blu phones selections which compete with the Motorola line
    up. Also what about other ones not mentioned on your channel. We know
    what’s good but what are other ones. I feel like you should switch it up. 

  • Miguel Angel says:

    I recommend buying a slim thin case for the Aquos Crystal. Regular cases
    will sit on top of the screen making some tasks — like pulling down the
    notification bar — annoying. 

  • Infidel Gastro says:

    It’s a pity the Sharp is locked down, it’s phone that would interest me if
    it ever came to my country.

  • Pety Peter says:

    Happy Holidays!

  • Alyx Vance says:

    WTF, you have Chinese sub 250 usd phones with 2gb ram and and an octa core
    mtk procesor with 16mp camera which put these to shame.. You must be full
    retard to buy one of these.

  • Aerion Ellington says:

    “My name is Jayce

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