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  • Android Authority says:

    Best Android Phones on AT&T – Android Q&A

  • Lerel Ashley says:

    Lg g3 was not the first to have a quad HD display. It was the find 7.

  • cjdacka says:

    It annoys me how Android authority is centric around America, there are
    other countries you know, how about best Android phones on Telstra here in
    Australia? -_-

  • Bon Jorte Badiango says:

    Great video +Jayce Broda. Too bad some of the phones can’t be bought from
    where I live… :-/

  • Ben Fifer says:

    I really enjoy my AT&T N6. I’ve owned the Note 2 & 3, as well as the
    OnePlus one all of which are in the “phablet” space, and being that I have
    massive hands I have no problems with the 6″ size. The screen is absolutely
    amazing and I love the front-facing stereo speakers! No more muffling the
    sound because of hand placement while watching a video or playing games. My
    only two gripes with the phone itself are the battery life(4-4 1/2 hour
    SOT) and the forced encryption(although I kind of understand why) out of
    the box. Specifically with the AT&T variant, the fact that they only offer
    the 32GB version and the added AT&T “bloat” which luckily can be removed. I
    will be keeping this phone until the new Snapdragon 810 phones start to
    arrive in H1 2015. 

  • Matthew Dolby says:

    God, AT&T sucks. 

  • Shxdyy says:

    If the OnePlus One was available with AT&T where in this list do you think
    it would be? xD

  • 999CATZ says:

    u can’t go wrong with the lg g3, not much bloatware and a super fast laser
    focus #simpleisthenewsmart 

  • desmond smith says:

    I still have the note 3. Went to pick up the note 4 and decided it wasn’t a
    big enough upgrade to justify the price. If you’re trying to save some
    money, still get a new phablet, the note 3 is the way to go. 

  • Aubrey Beauford says:

    Jayce thanks…the G3 should be on every “Best Phone of 2014″ list right?

  • Ahmed Mustafa says:

    Just so everyone know:
    Motorola is doing $100 of the Nexus 6 through December 24. 

  • Aaron N says:

    Loving my Nexus 6, I’ve had it on AT&T Next program since its release day.
    It’s fast, smooth and the battery seems to be good for a full day even with
    my semi-high use. I did root it and removed the auto-encryption but ended
    up flashing 5.0.1 and just left it stock at that point, I didn’t notice any
    serious performance gain or batter life gain despite claims to the
    contrary, I didn’t do any scientific testing, though. I haven’t found the
    size a problem at all, but I don’t actually ‘talk’ on the phone much, I
    went with the biggest, baddest (IMHO) phone so I could kill two birds with
    one phone, as it were. I don’t need a tablet to use for games, e-reading,
    or work productivity. It’s plenty big enough to do all of those things but
    still fits in my pockets easily (I’m a bigger guy so I could probably fit a
    7″ tablet in there) I don’t mind using it two handed at all, and with my
    big sausage fingers I can type like a champ on this thing. Something I
    haven’t ever been able to do with any cell phone before. The larger screen
    makes a huge difference. I love this thing.
    Oh, I did remove the AT&T start up animation, though, what a pisser for
    AT&T to put that in, when you started up the phone from power off it would
    play their stupid music at FULL VOLUME with no way to stop it. Shame on
    you AT&T!! No one wants to play your jingle at full blast!

  • Manu Narayana says:

    I had to get my LG G3 the Sunday after Thanksgiving when my HTC One M7
    stopped working. I’ve had the G3 almost a month and it is working great.
    I chose it because it has a beautiful 5 inch screen, but the phone’s
    footprint is not that much bigger than my old HTC phone. And the camera is
    a lot better than the one HTC is offering. Two minor issues: one is that
    the UI tends to refresh itself a lot and there is a noticeable lag when
    you’re doing a lot of things with widgets and home screens. The other issue
    is that the phone heats up fairly quickly when you do something resource
    intensive (mine crashed at one point). But overall, I’m happy with it. I
    prefer this one with its minor quirks over Samsung’s TouchWiz UI.

  • Kevin Carney says:

    I have the Nexus 6 and have been using it for a month now. It is everything
    I would have imagined it would be and more. The hardware is beautiful and
    the software is, well, the best mobile o.s. to date. Lollipop, with its
    material design, feature revisions and overall performance improvements
    make the experience a true delight.

    6 inch screen quickly becomes normal to use. When using my old HTC one the
    screen seems tiny and leaves me wondering how I ever lived with such tiny
    text and video.

    Overall an epic win for Motorola and Google.

  • fabian puello navarro says:

    +Jayce Broda this is my second week with the Nexus 6, the size is not an
    issue for me I have use Galaxy note 2 and 3 before, so it works really
    smooth, the only downside is that there is not “silent mode” there is a
    vibrating mode that I dislike.

  • Nal says:

    +Jayce Broda any chance of doing one for Verizon? Looking for a new phone 

  • AlFatihaOnRS says:

    Lol Joe uploaded android weekly a day early by mistake :) took down now

  • Ben Wilcox says:

    Do Verizon. I got my LG G3 there for $50.

  • Luiz Alexandre says:

    I got a HTC One M8 for free with Rogers in Canada.

  • Andrius Mindaugas Bloznelis says:

    Where’s LG G2? It’s inarguably the best phone of 2013

  • Miguel Peiro says:

    Do you guys have any microwave reviews?

  • Jerad Berry says:

    dont get a note4 on att, theres no root and the phone is lockeddown as shit

  • Mr_Chukes says:

    I have a nexus 6. I love it, it is super fast, the screen is great, it
    takes great videos. The sound quality is great. Everything about it is very
    nice. The feel of the phone is great and you get use to the side. I have
    big hands though. I have never enjoyed using a phone more than the 6. I got
    ride of my iPad because i feel that this could replace my tablet. Reading
    on it is great, so is gaming and everything else. The reception is great
    and i never loose my signal.

  • greetrigh28 says:

    +Kevin Carney you didn’t mention one word about the battery life of the
    Nexus- which is the number one reason why I CANNOT get this phone.
    Countless reviews of this phone point to the not-so-good battery life.
    After that piece of shit battery life on my former Droid Bionic, it is
    always my number one priority when buying a phone now. Apparently it is not
    yours. I’m jealous. 

  • Emil Fredriksson says:

    Hi I’m feeling nice today, and I have A LOT of Inbox By Google invites, so
    comment on this and I will contact you and you can get one.

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