Jayce gives his take on the top 4 Android phones up and until this point. What is your take? Did I miss one? See Article here: http://www.androidauthority.com/best-android-phones-568001/ …

25 Responses to “Best Android Phones of 2014”

  • Android Authority says:

    Best Android Phones 2014 – Android Q&A

  • Gerrel Saunders says:

    I love my Xperia Z3. The battery never ceases to amaze me.

  • SK SAKIB says:

    Wish i had money to buy a flagship phone :( 

  • War_Destroyer says:

    Where the hell is my OnePlus One?! 

  • EdEditz says:

    I have the Galaxy S5 and although people seem to hit on it a lot, I love
    it. Excellent camera (16Mp) and excellent battery life. It just works like
    you would expect.

  • Hassan Ali says:

    the note 4 got a 5.7 inch screen not a 5.5
    and what about the droid turbo or the htc M8
    or the LG G3 or the xperia z3 (non compact )
    there is more
    like the oppo finde 7 or the htc dsire eye
    also the nexus 5 is still a phone that is worth checking out even now also
    the Xperia Z2
    got a price drop because of the Z3
    so you can chacke this out
    there are someny phones and lots of good ones I can see my self
    recommending the BlackBerry passport to some one but since we’r talking
    there’s just too much to choose frome 

  • Mario luis Bonoan says:

    Wow no g3?
    No 1 + 1?
    Htc m8?

  • TheFNProductionz says:

    best 2014 android phone in my opinion:
    -phones with smaller displays: xperia z3 compact
    -phones with +/-5″ displays: htc one m8, moto x
    -phablets: note 4, nexus 6

  • Darshan Dhande says:

    I’d say for the best phone…

    1) iPhone 6
    2) Moto X / Nexus 6 (just about size)
    3) HTC One M8 GPE (My Favorite)
    4) Note 4
    5) iPhone 6+

    -Nexus 5

  • Sebastian Simion says:

    The G3 should have definitely been in there, it’s a very complete and
    future proof package.

  • partyrocker1159 says:

    I personally think that the OnePlus One is the best phone of 2014. Maybe
    even into 2015. The nexus 6 is too big and the One has more features.

  • Jye Ramirez says:

    And why is Oneplus One not in the list???

  • ziko mic says:

    These phones are either not on sale where I come from or just too damn
    pricey which shoud I get HTC One m8 or Galaxy s5 or iPhone 5s

  • luis719251 says:

    Perhaps I’m a bit biased since I own one but the Oplus One deserved a spot
    on that list. 

  • Stephen Butler says:

    I think you missed the moto g 2014 as the best value for money phone.

  • ktay95 says:

    What phone would you reccomend for me guys if its mostly used for gaming
    and music??

  • Caio Pacheco says:

    Moto X with wireless charger?

  • rayanmx says:

    A shame that you fail to mention the mighty beast LG G3 with its unique
    laser assisted camera and gorgeous screen! Also you failed to mention the
    Nexus 6 has a defective screen panel due to its premature burn-in issues.

  • dxmasfamily says:

    What about the Lg G3? I love this phone

  • The Official Cruise Channel says:

    OMG you forgot the LG G3!!!

  • Dennis Putnel says:

    Really can’t believe that you would leave off the LG G3 . Probably the best
    phone of the year!!

  • ProWeAreSo says:

    Worst fucking list…you put Moto X and the Nexus 6 (wtf?!) but not the
    OnePlus One?
    Absolute joke. Now you know why you’re getting 100+ dislikes

  • Jayce Broda says:

    Correction: Moto X has Turbo & Quick Charging, NOT wireless charging. I
    apologize for the error. An annotation was made in the video and the
    article will be updated shortly.

  • CyanOG Gaming and Tech says:

    You missed OnePlus One … Moto X 2014 has some flaws like poor battery
    life while OnePlus One has great battery life some even report 8h+ of
    screen on.

  • sadubros says:

    Does anyone want a Moto X cyber monday code? I bought a nexus 6 instead and
    now I have a Moto X promo code that I’ll never use.

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