There are many Camera apps available for Android, some free, some not so free. Sometimes though you want more than just a standard camera app. The sensors are good enough on most devices …

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  • xdadevelopers says:
  • r6201sk says:

    as a photographer, on smartphone I want to point and click camera with as
    good result as possible withme interacting with camera app as little as
    possible .. if I wanna quality that why we pay $3000 for DSLR 

  • Viewbob_True says:

    Scene mode works on my CM11 S4 Mini. A Better Camera also allows to record
    videos without having to use stock camera app

  • Vince O says:

    Thanks! Just what I was looking for!

  • N3ROGamingHD says:

    I really like this guy,XDA did the best job by letting Jared join them….
    and shooting in 4:3 mode is a bad idea with our awesome smartphones
    does anyone know which of this 3 supports a 16:9 mode??

  • Substance says:

    Good review is good!

    Keep this guy on the weekly rotation!

  • jaythenut ! says:

    Best 3 Pro Camera Apps for Android

  • muh1h1 says:

    6:29 LOL,los Pollos fom breaking bad :D 

  • Anghel Bogdan says:

    is there any app that does manual exposure? not compensating, real
    exposure, to manually set the shutter speed. like the galaxy camera 2 has.
    and it has android. does it have some special hardware or why other android
    phones lack that option? i would love it on my S5. 

  • Cebastian Rosing says:

    I have the Camera FV-5, nice app. But what’s that thing you use to mount
    the phone on a tripod? And what sizes does it support? 

  • Tekky B Nerdy Nay says:

    Yes, focal is an excellent camera app… I keep going back and forth
    between focal and a better camera unlocked… I also have the one plus
    camera apk installed in my device and that works well… I’ve been looking
    at other camera apps because I am on a AOSP ROM… So I have Google camera
    by default… It’s nice but, it’s necessary to have those other options at

  • Jared Busch says:

    ICYMI: My latest for XDA, go give it a watch ;)
    Best 3 Pro Camera Apps for Android

  • Ian Gylan says:

    Awesome pics +Jared Busch!

  • Andy King says:

    Best 3 Pro Camera Apps for Android ! (Downloads

  • Glenn Latras says:

    where the hell can we buy that tripod that we can mount the smartphone?

  • Gustavo Barriga says:

    Snap Camera + Vignette Camera. Thank me later.

  • Adamant Adam says:

    I love Victoria, BC.

  • akram benharoun says:

    what’s the best app for focus?

  • ebby syazran says:

    What about the UCam??? 

  • LTDanno360 says:

    The free camera Fv-5 is Really Pointless to download it gives you no real
    sneek peak at the full potential of the pro version I mean really would I
    want to take a max pic size of 640×480 when my turbo is 4k ? 21mp 

  • mo mootje says:

    Thanks dude ,it works like charme ;-) 

  • Balázs Csergő says:

    I really hate that you cannot get manual shutter speed and iso control on
    most of the android phones!

    Why the hell not? I know that in theory, in lollipop, the api will be
    there, but at the moment only for the nexus 5 and 6… I’m rocking a note
    3, which i love very much, but i am really frustrated that as things look,
    Sammy will not provide the api for manual controls even in 5.0… I cannot
    fathom why not? All these “manual camera” apps do the same thing as the
    stock camera. You can set the white balance and exp comp there too, even if
    not with so few clicks, but the real deal is setting the shutter speed and
    iso manually(camera fv does not allow for real iso settings, it goes up to
    iso 1000 even if i set it to 100…) they are all useless… I know you
    cannot set the aperture, since it is just that one size, not variable, but
    how hard would it be, and what possible threat would it pose on the phone
    manufacturers(like like Sammy or LG for example) and for google to let
    people use their phones cameras more creatively, if they have the knowledge
    to do so? The technology is there, i think it’s just software…(and there
    are apps that do long exposures, so there can’t be a hardware limitation
    for that either…

    This is pretty much the only thing that lumia phones do better than
    androids, the awesome nokia pro camera app…
    Too bad they kill this right away by not letting you share the full res
    images over any network, just cables and onedrive/and yes, I know that some
    of these lumias do allow full res sharing, but why not all of them? We are
    living in the age of big data plans and fast 4g networks/wifi, why in the
    name of all that’s holy can’t they let you share these files in their full
    size? I’m not even talking 41 mpx 1020 files, just the 8mpx of a lumia
    925… It’s really a shame…

  • Алексей Кужель says:

    Terrible photos, I think that Nexus cameras – the worst cameras in the
    world. How can you use it?

  • wmphy says:

    No manual focus slider? Cmon

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