Part 1 – Introductory demo of Android MX TV Box Rooted with XBMC installed and programmed as seen on Ebay & Amazon. I am demoing this on a 60 inch tv so the …

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  • Cutcablecord Ditchthedish says:

    @ Tyson Lovely: Try watching PART 2 to see that they do work lol. I said in
    this video that this was PART 1 of 2 and in the 2nd video I would be
    showing various links working “live”. This video was strictly intended
    to be high level overview so that people can learn what it is all about
    (but clearly you did not listen and decided to leave a jerk comment with
    profanity). Have a great day.

  • Cutcablecord Ditchthedish says:

    Just watched Vargas win the Super Lightweight Championship in the
    preliminary. Now about to watch the Timothy Bradley Jr vs Manny Pacqiuao in
    pretty good quality for FREE via my fully programmed/installed XBMC on the
    Android MX box.

    Using the Android MX you get US and Canada (even some from other countries
    in a variety of foreign languages) Network TV, basic channels, expanded
    channels, premium channels, kids channels/content, older movies, and lastly
    current movies. The Android MX Box fully rooted with XBMC installed and
    programmed does not use Netflix and Hulu, instead there are a lot of other
    providers such 1Channel, IceFilms, iStream, ProjectFree TV, Simply Movies,
    Los Movies, Mash Up where you can get the same exact content (old and new
    tv shows & movies) which are 100% totally free!

    So we can be on the same page: LIVE TV broadcasts……the only thing I
    worry about having LIVE TV for is News and Sports because EVERYTHING is
    pre-recorded TV shows and movies (even some of the news). Since EVERYTHING
    is available On-Demand as long you are able to connect to the internet you
    can watch anytime.

    CutCableCord DitchTheDish…….My YouTube video demos speak for
    themselves…..Start saving money today (most people have put between
    $1,000 – $2,000 per year back in their own pockets).

    If you want to start getting FREE and UNLIMITED access to live PPV sports,
    tv shows and the latest movies (on DVD and in the theaters) email at

    Android MX Box Rooted w/XBMC fully programmed – LIVE TV DEMO (NETWORK,

  • YounG KiDDoe says:

    Can you watch live boxing paperview fights? 

  • James king says:

    Good video. But can you put a battery in your smoke alarm 

  • Pedro Wi says:

    Does this box allow you to watch movies before released in cinemas?
    If not are the movies all free and decent quality?

  • Darthdad72 says:

    I am very skeptical about anything that is pushed as FREE. What’s the
    catch, really?

  • dan Jones says:

    is there a service/box if there is no internet? simply connect box to hdtv?

  • Tara Waite says:

    Hello, how do we problem solve with the Android box. We are having a
    great deal of trouble, and the sales rep we bought from is no help. We
    have had it for a week and not been able to watch it as every time we play
    anything it pauses….we press play….and it pauses again. Annoying. Very
    disappointed. Can not find help anywhere. Where do we find support for
    making this work. Thank you.

  • Unknown One says:

    Hey man, i haven’t read all the comments, but does the box buffer while
    watching live tv?

  • Jasmine Graham says:

    Hi how are you i love This! Im going to buy one i was wondering if you
    could email me how to get the app where i no longer have to use cable :-) i
    live in Canada loool… Anyways message me back and i can send my email :-)
    thank you

  • Marina Santos says:

    would love to have TV guide experience with this .. What do you reccomend.
    Thanks your Vids are awesome

  • Andy B says:

    Maybe you should get off of your arse & change the batteries in your smoke
    alarms!! I’ve been waking round my house trying to work out where the
    “chirping” sound was coming from before I realised it was on here!!! :) 

  • elamriti says:

    can you show how to acces usb hdd connect to android box on my windows 7 pc
    so i can change add movies etc 

  • Mutleymondo says:

    Hi buddy, can you tell me, I am struggling to remove the bottom task bar
    when watching movies so I get full screen. Could you give me some tips on
    how to hide this bar during film playback. If you could, I will be
    eternally grateful. Cheers! :) 

  • manuel castro says:

    how can i download to my computer

  • Digioia Prendergast says:

    I have this box and i have no clue how to use it in full effect i only use
    like 6% of it features

  • ravsta06 says:

    Change the battery in your smoke alarm!

  • Aynols Reid says:

    It is good but can it be reprogram for UK channels?

  • Kyle Sullivan says:

    Is it true that some add ons are no longer available like mash up?


    Hello I have a question. …I try to use the giddyup network addon and
    mostly every thing on that addon does not work. It will say error or
    something like that. Is their a way to fix these issues? Also I’ve tried to
    use 1channel and i get the same problem . How can I fix this? Thanks hope
    to here something

  • daddyfatsacks chanel says:

    I live in Atlanta I was wondering how I could purchase one also I would
    like a little more information. . Email

  • Shane Burgess says:

    how do i get this

  • Lorriel Chan'nel says:

    I’m in florida specifically in Miami, does this work in Miami?

  • EagleHANtsi says:

    I’m sold on it already, but I’m very concerned about my live NBA games and
    my favorite live local evening news here in Toronto b4 I make the switch. 

  • Crana1 says:

    I have Netflex installed as an app, but every time I try to use it, I get
    set the date and time, Playback Error 1017. The date and time are correct,
    I don’t know where to find and remove error 1017 on the mx box. Any help

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