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  • Twiin Ciity says:

    This section might be hidden on some phones, but it’s very easy to access.
    On many phones, you just have to open a certain page in the settings and
    tap a button seven times. Use Google to figure out how to enable Developer
    options on your phone if it’s currently hidden (for example, search “enable
    developer options HTC One”).
    Once you have access to Developer options, simply scroll until you find the
    following three settings, which may be located on the main screen or within
    an “Advanced” subsection:
    Window animation scale
    Transition animation scale
    Animator animation scale
    Tapping each of the three aforementioned settings will reveal that it’s set
    to “1x” by default. If you want to speed up your phone or tablet
    dramatically, simply change each of those three settings to “.5x” — that’s

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